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Arch Linux is a simple, lightweight, rolling Linux distribution aimed at keeping things simple. Use this tag for questions specific to Arch Linux. Do NOT use this tag for derivatives, such as Manjaro.

Arch Linux




Arch Linux was founded by Canadian programmer, Judd Vinet. Its first formal release, Arch Linux 0.1, was on March 11, 2002. Although Arch is completely independent, it draws inspiration from the simplicity of other distributions including Slackware, CRUX and BSD.

In 2007, Judd Vinet stepped down as Project Lead to pursue other interests and was replaced by Aaron Griffin who continues to lead the project today.

Technical Details:



Common Tasks:

  • Refresh the package list and update:

    # pacman -Syu

  • Install or Update a package:

    # pacman -S package_name

  • Search for package

    # pacman -Ss package_name

  • Query locally installed packages

    # pacman -Qi package_name

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