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How to digitally re-plug a USB device when it's not showing up in lsusb

So what that absence from lsubs suggests is that even the basic enumeration does not happen or fails; there's potential two culprits here: The USB device's firmware simply doesn't handle suspend ...
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How to digitally re-plug a USB device when it's not showing up in lsusb

With the uhubctl command, you may be able to power-cycle a particular port in a USB hub. The command might be available in your distribution's package manager; if not, you can find the source code in ...
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I want to shrink my OS's partition on my mdadm RAID-0 array, so that I can install another linux based OS on a new partition of the array

I don't use RAID-0 much (not at all), so I'm not actually sure why mdadm does not support shrinking RAID-0. The alternative seems to re-create the array, but for mdadm --create to work, you have to ...
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Is it possible to use a command with an argument to trigger a bash alias?

"Programs" (as in "not scripts") usually don't parse users' RC files. So if your "program" is not a script that can be easily modifiable, most likely, it will inspect ...
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Archlinux - no package found when upgrade through yay

nodejs-lts-gallium is an old lts version of nodejs which has passed its support period and hence it is no longer in the AUR. The latest lts release is nodejs-lts-iron. However there is a nodejs ...
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