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A repository refers to a data structure, usually stored remotely on a server, that contains files and directories as well as a corresponding historical record of the changes that were applied to the data structure of the repository.

The PPA is intended for Ubuntu and its derivatives, not for Kali. As the Grub Customizer documentation indicates, you should build it from source.
answered Sep 11 '16 by Stephen Kitt
You need to edit your additional-repositories.list file and ensure the line for Chrome (the first line apparently) is deb stable main The line you currently h …
answered Oct 20 '16 by Stephen Kitt
On Ubuntu amd64 installations, i386 is enabled as an additional architecture by default. apt & co. expect repositories to provide all configured architectures, which causes the error you're seeing. S …
answered Mar 29 '16 by Stephen Kitt
Take a look at the package tracker, and look for the VCS links. You can browse the git repository here. pg_updatedicts is here. On a correctly-configured Debian system, apt-get source postgresql … -contrib will download and extract the source code. You can also install debcheckout and use that instead to clone the VCS repository. You can see the VCS links from a Debian system using apt-cache showsrc, for example apt-cache showsrc postgresql-contrib, or debcheckout -d. …
answered Nov 15 '17 by Stephen Kitt
The contents of the main repository don’t change between point releases. Security updates are uploaded to the security repository, and other updates are uploaded to the “updates” repository (stretch … -updates for Debian 9). When a point release is cut, all the updates in the security and update repositories (and other queued changes, from the “proposed updates” repository) are merged into the main …
answered Apr 24 by Stephen Kitt
:// jessie-backports main (Validity checks need to be disabled since the repository is no longer being updated. Jessie’s apt doesn’t support the check-valid-until flag, see … inostia’s answer for details, and the configuration summary further down in this answer.) The jessie-updates repository has been removed: all the updates have been merged with the main repository, and …
answered Mar 26 by Stephen Kitt
The message you’re getting, E: The value 'stable' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources. isn’t directly related to the addition of testing; it’s caus …
answered May 17 '18 by Stephen Kitt
The Ign messages aren’t errors, they’re just information. The InRelease file is optional and some repositories don’t carry it. The Google repository is described in its own file in /etc/apt …
answered Feb 25 '18 by Stephen Kitt
votes You could always check out the Ubuntu source repository and rebuild 6.0.16 from there... …
answered Mar 13 '16 by Stephen Kitt
Linux Mint 18.x releases are based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, so you only get the versions of packages which are made available in 16.04 (plus whatever packages are added or upgraded in Mint itself). Thus …
answered Oct 15 '18 by Stephen Kitt
The previous index files are stored in /var/lib/apt/lists. They’re the last index files which apt successfully downloaded and verified. The key is determined by looking at the Release signature, whic …
answered Apr 30 by Stephen Kitt
The buildinfo files aren't kept as part of Debian source packages, and they can't be — they're not part of the source, they're a reflection of the build environment used when building a binary package …
answered Feb 7 '17 by Stephen Kitt
Since your own solution appears to require that the checked out head match the tag you’re interested in, the following works without a separate git describe: git tag -l -n10 --points-at HEAD
answered Feb 25 by Stephen Kitt
You need to install the java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel package.
answered Sep 6 '17 by Stephen Kitt
You won’t get a list of changes over the whole repository, but you can view the timestamps of files on the server: add pool to the main URL, and explore from there. The openmediavault files are here; you’ll see the timestamps there. 3.0.92 is dated November 18 at 10:44 (in the server’s timezone). …
answered Nov 18 '17 by Stephen Kitt

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