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For questions pertaining to find, a command-line utility to search for files in a directory hierarchy. Use this tag for questions about find itself or questions about issues arising from using the find command-line utility.

5 votes

Is there a tool or script that can very quickly find duplicates by only comparing filesize a...

Example usage for finding duplicates: pip install imohash find ... …
  • 1,269
2 votes

How to search for multiline text files containing a set of words (e.g., AAA & (BBB | CCC) & ...

It works by first making lists of files that contain each individual word: find . -type f -exec grep -lF 'AAA' {} + > files_with_AAA find . -type f -exec grep -lF 'BBB' {} + > files_with_BBB ... …
  • 1,269