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SSH (Secure SHell) is a protocol for securely running commands on a remote computer. Use this tag for questions about configuring, using and trouble-shooting SSH client and server software.

You can't. What you ask is impossible in SSH. It's possible in HTTP, because HTTP/1.1 sends a Host header to tell the server which (virtual) host to connect to. SSH sends no such field. You can … given task (I think StackExchange advises this). I wouldn't say you tend to get nasty pile-ons without constructive explanations here. (Um. In light of that: if you're looking at SSH hardening in …
answered Feb 2 '16 by sourcejedi
ssh-keyscan is a utility for gathering the public ssh host keys of a number of hosts. For scanning, one does not need login access to the machines that are being scanned, nor does the scanning process involve any encryption. The command is part of the openssh client. …
answered Mar 20 '17 by sourcejedi
works if you try ssh ubuntu-desktop.local on the ubuntu system, but obviously that's not going to be very useful... The responder is implemented by Avahi service, which is already a part of all …
answered Feb 24 '17 by sourcejedi
difference: If you ever add an SSH key for a second account. During any maintenance steps like these, where you temporarily enabled password logins. Unless you crudely disconnect your network from … an SSH daemon configuration. You should ask why you're not enforcing this policy in a central firewall. If you do not want non-local logins, there is no need to expose yourself to hypothetical bugs in …
answered Jul 28 '18 by sourcejedi
Files' 'connect to server' with url 'ssh://host'. I.e. gnome vfs might handle hangs slightly better. Or not. …
answered May 27 '15 by sourcejedi
:-P, something must be intercepting the connections before they reach your SSH daemon. I think it's likely this is some very confused "Lights out management" on the server, intercepting the ssh … connection at a hardware level. (For example, the failed SSH connection attempts wouldn't show up in Debian's /var/log/auth.log, or even in tcpdump port ssh). …
answered Jul 5 '17 by sourcejedi
I have replicated this issue on my Fedora 25 system. I found a very suspicious condition in the source code. It looks as …
answered Feb 27 '17 by sourcejedi
reverse lookup doesn't get a response. You can run the same lookup on the server yourself manually, and you should see the same delay as ssh. getent hosts …
answered May 30 '14 by sourcejedi
terminals, hence the TERM environment variable). And when the local program ssh is piped to another program, and you do not pass the options -tt, it suppresses allocation of a "pseudo-terminal" and uses … pipes instead. See also man ssh. If your code was allocating a "pseudo-terminal" instead of using a pipe to capture the output, you would should notice that fact. In most contexts the code …
answered Aug 19 '17 by sourcejedi
I wrote a cron job, which uses ssh to run a script on a server. I just tried running the script, and now I am unhappy. client# ssh server.local /usr/local/bin/script client# server# /usr/local/bin … /script Segmentation fault (core dumped) server# client# ssh server.local /usr/local/bin/script client# echo $? 255 I can confirm the crash is in the script interpreter, /bin/sh (a symlink to /bin …
asked Aug 8 '18 by sourcejedi
What I'm really wondering, though, is how come the session is set up correctly with ssh, but not with su or sudo -i? …
answered Feb 13 '18 by sourcejedi
your disk is very busy, and everything is slow, e.g. it takes a long time e.g. to load SSH. Diagnostic: monitor your memory usage. atop might be a convenient way to create a very coarse-grained log of …
answered May 11 '18 by sourcejedi
The instructions say: Note: After editing /etc/fstab, (re)start the required service: systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl restart where <target> can be found by running systemctl list-unit-files …
answered Sep 5 '18 by sourcejedi
You haven't set up (or tried to use) a HTTP proxy, nor an ssh tunnel. Instead, you used port-forwarding over ssh. Forwarding TCP ports does not work for HTTP. Visiting a HTTP URL uses the domain … )). The convenient approach is to use the SSH "dynamic port forwarding" option -D, which sets up a SOCKS proxy. Unfortunately wget doesn't have an option for a SOCKS proxy (curl does though). …
answered Jun 5 '13 by sourcejedi
who only shows logins. For example, tmux / screen opens a pty but I think it doesn't count as a login. I think you can find the process (pid) with fuser /dev/pts/14. (I would use lsof on Linux, but …
answered May 16 '16 by sourcejedi

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