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gpg is the main command line tool of the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), implementing the OpenPGP standard for public key cryptography. It allows encryption, (verification of) signatures and trust models like the web of trust. gpg (and its library gpgme) are the base of many FOSS crypto applications (like mail user agents). There is a standalone version (1.x) and one (2.x) requiring gpg-agent for secret key handling.

GPG Smart Card Mini-How-To Short Answer It seems the secret keys are properly copied to the Yubikey smart card. However, the public key is missing from the local keyring. In order for gpg to work … be found. So, if the public key is placed in a publicly accessible location on the Internet, the public key can be retrieved and added to the local keyring by using the fetch option in either the gpg
answered Apr 16 by RubberStamp
/ INSTALL_PREFIX=. \ speedo_pkg_gnupg_configure='--enable-gpg2-is-gpg \ --disable-g13 --enable-wks-tools' native If you run into errors you are probably missing some development …
answered Nov 6 '17 by RubberStamp
GNUPG has a trust database stored at ~/.gnupg/trustdb.gpg You can backup this trust database using the --export-ownertrust option: gpg --export-ownertrust > file.txt If you exported your secret … keys and import them later into a new environment, the trust database is no longer present. However, this is easily remedied: gpg --edit-key gpg> trust Please decide how far you …
answered Nov 26 '17 by RubberStamp
something like this: $gpg --expert --full-gen-key gpg (GnuPG) 2.2.1; Copyright (C) 2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO … use existing PGP key material. You will need to know the keygrip of the starting key. For existing PGP keys working with GPG: $gpg --with-keygrip --list-secret-keys [keyid] As far as I understand …
answered Oct 23 '17 by RubberStamp
I understand this is an old question, and may be Overcome By Events (OBE)... However... It seems there are a few problems that coincidentally occurred simultaneously. Problem 1: Nodejs repo GPG … : $ curl -s |gpg --list-packets # off=0 ctb=99 tag=6 hlen=3 plen=525 :public key packet: version 4, algo 1, created 1402676406, expires 0 …
answered Nov 1 '18 by RubberStamp
Export Public Key This command will export an ascii armored version of the public key: gpg --output public.pgp --armor --export username@email Export Secret Key This command will export an ascii … armored version of the secret key: gpg --output private.pgp --armor --export-secret-key username@email Security Concerns, Backup, and Storage A PGP public key contains information about one's …
answered Nov 18 '18 by RubberStamp
I know this is a very old question. However, there are two answers to your question. Getting GPG working with SSH. You've done the first step, enabling-ssh-support in your gpg-agent.conf But … the keygrip of the private key to the file ~/.gnupg/sshcontrol. To export a PGP public key as ssh: $gpg -a --export-ssh-key [keyid] To view a PGP keygrip: $gpg --with-keygrip --list-secret …
answered Oct 22 '17 by RubberStamp
For GPG 2.1 and later, the private keys are stored in ~/.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d Each key, including subkeys, are stored as separate files using the keygrip of the key as the filename: <keygrip … >.key When using gpg --edit-key to change the passphrase, all subkeys are modified in the private key directory. However, it seems that seahorse is only modifying the main key's private key file. So …
answered Mar 25 by RubberStamp
) nonce in web browser. Once account has been created | web browser plugin asks for | GPG passphrase when …
asked Oct 25 '17 by RubberStamp