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Please don't use this tag just because your system is running Ubuntu. Use it _only_ if your question is somehow specific to Ubuntu only. Note that is specifically dedicated to Ubuntu questions.

also try Ubuntu server, I would expect that to have a smaller footprint. In any case, all distros can be installed without X or at least can have their X removed after installation. Not even Ubuntu will …
answered Sep 27 '13 by terdon
If all you want is to shutdown on the first midnight that is at least 2880 minutes in the future, do this (as root): sleep 2880m; shutdown -h 00:00 sleep just causes the shell to wait the specifie …
answered Oct 22 '13 by terdon
The likeliest reason is that the module that manages your motherboard speakers is not loaded. Blacklisting this module is one of the first things I do on a new install and I wouldn't be surprised if y …
answered Jun 11 '14 by terdon
The first result for ubuntu kernel source code in is which explains the process of getting and compiling an Ubuntu kernel. I reproduce it here … : All of the Ubuntu Kernel source is maintained under git. The source for each release is maintained in its own git repository on These can be browsed in gitweb, the …
answered Jun 20 '14 by terdon
PDFjam should be able to do it. It should be installable on Ubuntu with sudo apt install pdfjam. Then, move into the directory containing your PDF files and run: for f in *pdf; do pdfjam --keepinfo …
answered Dec 29 '16 by terdon
The issue is that you're following the wrong instructions. The page you linked to provides the following instructions for Ubuntu 13.10 (64 bit): $ wget -c … older versions of Ubuntu. Presumably, the PPA you are attempting to use does not have a section for 13.10 so when you try to run apt-get install handbrake, no package is found. …
answered Jul 15 '14 by terdon
directories in their path. I just checked on a Debian, and Ubuntu Server and a SuSe machine and only the Ubuntu seems to add /sbin to a normal user's path and it does so in /etc/environment. The other two only add it if the user is root. …
answered Jan 23 '14 by terdon
Linux Mint is very, very close to Ubuntu. Mint is made by modifying Ubuntu just like Ubuntu is made by Modifying Debian. However, Ubuntu has diverged considerably for Debian (the Debian repositories … are not compatible with Ubuntu nor the Ubuntu ones with Debian). Mint, on the other hand, is very similar to Ubuntu. The Mint developers have added some extra tools and tweaked the interface a little …
answered Apr 8 '17 by terdon
There is almost certainly a better way of doing this, probably through limits.conf but I don't know it so here's a dirty hack. This command will kill all processes owned by the user terdon that are u …
answered Apr 9 '14 by terdon
First of all, why is the PID changing? That makes no sense. If you kill the process and see the PID change, that means it was restarted as expected. If you are not killing the script but the PID chang …
answered Jan 6 '14 by terdon
I don't know what you mean by "next available" with respect to the $HOME and $SHELL variables. Those you just set to their defaults: /home/USERNAME and /bin/bash or whatever. For the $HOME, just make …
answered Oct 27 '14 by terdon
The simplest approach would be to tell cron to do it. Just use this as the command that cron will run: /home/me/; sleep 1h; /home/me/ If your sleep does not support the h suff …
answered Sep 30 '15 by terdon
There are two things to consider here: It sounds like you are not using bash on the remote server so your .bashrc and .bash_profile will not be read. ssh starts a login shell on the remote server s …
answered Nov 14 '13 by terdon
To add a new user with an expiration date, do: useradd -e 2014-02-03 foobar That will create a user called foobar who will only be valid until the 3d of February 2014. From man useradd: -e, --e …
answered Feb 2 '14 by terdon
left to browse by section. Should work on all Debian based distros and as far as I know is installed by default on all of them as well. You can get Ubuntu debs (which should work for Mint as well) here … . No ratings or reviews. Ubuntu software center, installed by default on Ubuntu systems, but can also be installed on other Debian-based distros. Offers ratings and reviews where available. Mint …
answered Oct 30 '13 by terdon

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