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SSH (Secure SHell) is a protocol for securely running commands on a remote computer. Use this tag for questions about configuring, using and trouble-shooting SSH client and server software.

"jumpbox" (we'll call it server1) that allows us to get in to some vendor's servers. There is a config files in .ssh for each of the different servers we connect to. Everyone here copies an ssh key to … different systems to get access and no one uses the password to the final server (server2). I created a config file in .ssh and it looks like this: Host server2 Hostname IPADDRESS ProxyCommand …
asked Mar 3 '17 by saleetzo
jail SCP environment with 4 different users/home folders. The backup server is able to backup 3 of the 4 user/folders, but fails for one user of them each time. They all use the same SSH key and ref … config file located in root/.ssh/chebackconfig chbackconfig: Host dest-server Hostname IdentityFile ~/.ssh/dest_backup_id The SSH file for dest_backup_id is …
asked Mar 15 '17 by saleetzo
I'm trying to only allow external SSH connections with an ssh key, but allow internal ssh logins with a password. It seems like this is possible but I can't seem to make it work with the options that … .* AllowUsers root@10.0.* I'm unable to block the SSH ports on the network firewall since it will block the vendors from logging in with their SSH keys. Too late for me to change the ports to something …
asked Jun 12 '17 by saleetzo
"user1" user1:user1 Whenever I create a key with ssh-keygen, it always lists the root user at the bottom of the .pub as root@system. I don't want the vendor connecting as root, rather have them … . I can't create the key on the user1 account as its privileges are very minimal and they can't even run ssh-keygen. Everything else I'm trying just set it to root@system since that's the account I'm …
asked Mar 29 '17 by saleetzo
When I attempt to log in to a CentOS box via ssh, it hangs after putting in the password. I can get in to the system via console and when i run w I can see "cvs server" running for the user trying to … restarting the SSHD service, same issues. This is a production box so im a little hesitant to reboot it. I can't seem to find anything in the log files that looks suspect. When I run ssh -vvv and try to …
asked Mar 20 '18 by saleetzo
I have found the troublemaker. There was an old entry in sshd_config that contained ForceCommand cvs server. Once I adjusted the comment mark and restart the service, I was able to log in just fine. …
answered Mar 20 '18 by saleetzo