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These questions are about Linux in general -- NOT specific to a particular distribution. If the question just happens to be in a Linux environment, please specify your Linux distribution in the body of your question, but do NOT use the /linux tag.

virtual memory into the actual memory pages (including swap). Let's see what man 5 proc tells us about it: /proc/[pid]/pagemap (since Linux 2.6.25) This file shows the mapping of each of the … RAM. 62 If set, the page is in swap space 61 (since Linux 3.5) The page is a file-mapped page or a shared anonymous page. 60-56 (since …
answered Jan 31 '17 by grochmal
I'll go with the question in reverse order: Why are there so many? Those are devices that stand for most inputs present on a machine (there are others, a microphone for example will not be …
answered Jan 27 '17 by grochmal
ln, on the other hand, will overwrite a file with a link to another file. Yet, you can be rather sure that a link to itself is a file that never ever had data (or was explicitly deleted before the creation of the soft link). (on Linux and using ln from coreutils, that is) …
answered Sep 10 '16 by grochmal
For the sake of clarity I'm adding a more-or-less scripted test of what we talked about in the comments. This is on kernel 4.7.2 where the issue does not happen either: $ cd /dev/shm $ free …
answered Sep 14 '16 by grochmal
PhantomJS respects fontconfig directories and even the old font.dir/font.scale postscript font configuration. For example I have and old Type 1 font: $ find ~/.fonts/Type1/ /home/grochmal/.fonts/Typ …
answered Aug 11 '16 by grochmal
Do not set proxy_redirect to off, that is not doing what you think it is doing. proxy_redirect performs something similar to URL rewriting, for example: location /sales/ { proxy_pass http://ip_ …
answered Jun 20 '16 by grochmal
are compiling it from source. Hell, you can even compile everything from scratch. The exception to the rule that a *BSD/Linux distro can be used as an effective desktop are embedded systems. Some … embedded systems purposely leave the C compiler out, so you cannot compile extra software. All that said, Kali Linux uses Debian repositories, from which you can get everything available on Debian …
answered Aug 30 '16 by grochmal
There is nothing wrong with your VNC server. Why that happened Welcome to the other side of the internet! The side that is not behind a NAT and a firewall. vnc too many security failures simply …
answered Jun 9 '16 by grochmal
NetworkManager, which uses a plugin system to support several types of VPNs. My knowledge on NetworkManger is on Arch Linux but OpenSUSE has documentation on using NetworkManager. Unfortunately …
answered Jul 28 '16 by grochmal
Xorg is probably very difficult. But, I believe that an understanding of the concepts behind the evolution of fonts may prove a decent starting point. Disclaimer: I deal a lot with fonts on Linux, but … I never really needed to change Xorg code relating to fonts. The Arch Linux wiki has a lot of info on this too A bit of history Original UNIX fonts were simply bitmap fonts. Today these can be …
answered Jan 18 '17 by grochmal
Background /proc and /sys filesystems are just a view of kernel structures, both filesystems reside in memory. Although both filesystems are writable (well, some of the files in there are writable) …
answered Jul 1 '16 by grochmal
There isn't a way. From the UDEV perspective the partition uevents are sent directly from the kernel, there is no indirection. From the kernel side things happen from __blkdev_get() which will alway …
answered Oct 30 '16 by grochmal
xmonad is non-reparenting and this causes issues with some applications. Moreover, the problem happens because the applications do not know that xmonad is a non-reparenting window manager. A common …
answered Jun 29 '16 by grochmal
Most modern hard drives have their own controllers. It could really be whatever: A cache (in the disk controller) written into the actual storage Speed regulation to ensure that the disk spins at t …
answered Jul 31 '16 by grochmal
Installation pacman -S extra/gnome installs a lot of things, including Xord and GDM. extra/gnome is a group of packages which you can select or deselect in pacman. But for a typical gnome install y …
answered Aug 24 '16 by grochmal

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