I'm using scp to send from a shared Hostgator site to Adrive's scp server.

I created a private and public key with puttygen.exe. First time, I put in my password for the passphrase. Second time, I did not put in a passphrase.

I uploaded the text for the public key to Adrive's website for both keys created. I also uploaded the private key to the Hostgator's 

In both cases, I am getting prompted with this:

    server [~/.ssh]# scp -i ~/.ssh/sss.ppk  ~/backups/zips/backup_2015_11_26.tgz user@scp.adrive.com:.
    Enter passphrase for key '.ssh/sss.ppk':

I enter in the password that I put for a passphrase and it just prompts me again. I tried this with the key that has a password and the one that does not.

I am not able to get past this part. I get prompted 3 times and then it asks me for the password for scp.

I want to use this in a script I wrote so that I can set a cron job to automate the backup. 

When I do uname -or I am given this, if it helps:

> GNU/Linux

Anyone have any suggestions?