(I just switched from Gnome 2 to Xfce 4, so I have still to find my way around how Xfce works.)

Iceweasel is opened on Workspace 1, Icedove is opened on Workspace 2. I click at a link in Icedove, which opens a tab in Iceweasel. Great, **but**: *Iceweasel* moves to Workspace 2 and gets focus.

Can I configure it so that windows always stay on their workspace, no matter if other application interact with them? And that the focus doesn’t get changed?

On Gnome 2, Iceweasel stayed on Workspace 1, but it was highlighted/blinking in the taskbar of Workspace 2 (instead of being focused). I’d like to have that (or a similar) behaviour in Xfce, too.