I would like to display uptime in common units (so not just in minutes if it is over an hour; also not just in seconds if it is over a minute; e.g., "1:02:30" for 1 hour, 2 minutes and 30 seconds would be my ideal time format) in my i3status bar. I have not even been able to find how to show uptime in the i3status bar in any units. I found [this repo](https://github.com/lenzirodrigo/.i3) on GitHub that seemed to claim to do this but copying these configs gave me errors related to difficulty executing the `status_command` line in this [repo's config](https://github.com/lenzirodrigo/.i3/blob/master/config#L190). Namely the `status_command` line is:

    status_command ~/.i3/i3status.sh ~/.i3/i3status.conf

guessing it only works with an older version of i3. Any ideas how to do this? [here](https://github.com/fusion809/i3-configs/blob/fccf0118e0518db058f5acd807a4e471b6d78399/.i3status.conf) is my present `~/.i3status.conf` file. My distribution is Gentoo Linux.