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To help debug, you can try reading the raw mouse events from /dev/input/mice. This python script, from johnroach.info, can help interpret the raw data. I've modified it slightly below:


mouse = file('/dev/input/mice')  
while True:  
    status, dx, dy = tuple(ord(c) for c in mouse.read(3))  

    def to_signed(n):  
        return n - ((0x80 & n) << 1)  

    dx = to_signed(dx)  
    dy = to_signed(dy)  
    print "%#02x %d %d" % (status, dx, dy)

The next time your computer "freezes", run this script as root. It will print out x and y values for the change in the mouse position as input on your USB port. If these values correspond to what the pointer does on the screen, then it is likely you have a problem with your USB ports, motherboard, or a driver. If these values correspond to what the physical mouse is doing, then the problem is somewhere in the software.