I was trying to run one of the scripts (for example, `wrapper.sh`) which internally executes other scripts using crontab. It works fine without any issues.

When I have created a environment file (which stores the passwords-DB and paths) and trying to execute the main script (`wrapper.sh`) the cron entry doesn't work on those scripts which are called internally in the wrapper.

I tried changing PATH, added env file location before the script in cron but it still didn't work:

    9 9 * * * . /$SOMEPATH/some.env; /$SOMEPATH/wrapper.sh

The environment script and `wrapper.sh` are in same path. when the cron runs it passes the env variables to wrapper but not to the scripts which are called internally in wrapper. Also a mail is received on `/var/mail/$user` saying the env file as "No such file or Directory". I've gone through many posts but couldn't figure out the resolution.