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How can I extract only the pid column and only the pathname column in the lsof output?

$ sudo lsof -u t  |   grep -i "\.pdf" 

evince  1788    t   37r      REG                8,4    176328     134478 /home/t/some/path1/white space/string1 + string2 string3.pdf
evince  3737    t   36r      REG                8,4   1252636    6692680 /home/t/some/path2/white space/string5 string3.pdf

How can I extract only the second column (pids of processes)?

How can I extract only the ninth column (pathnames of files)? (pathnames can contain any character allowed by Linux and ext4 file systems)

My real command is

$ sudo lsof -u t  | grep -v "wineserv" | grep REG  |   grep "\.pdf" | grep  "string"

where I would search for records whose first column "COMMAND" isn't wineserv, and fifth column "TYPE" is REG, and whose ninth column "NAME" contains .pdf and string.

Prefer bash, awk or Python solutions (and maybe Perl, but I don't know Perl, so won't be able to verify if it is correct or modify it later)