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In an unpolished version, a Bash-script could look like this, assuming that your data is contained in datafile:


printf "IPs where status is fail:\n"
grep -z -oP 'IP=\K.*\n(?=STATUS=FAIL)' datafile

printf "Avg time taken by all requests where status is 'success':\n"
grep -z -oP 'STATUS=SUCCESS\nTIME=\K\d+' datafile | \
  awk '{ total += $1; count++ } END { print ( count == 0 ? "NaN" : total/count); }'

printf "Number of logins (successful and failed) via Mobile:\n"
grep -c 'Source=Mobile' datafile

A brief elucidation:

  • Q2) Calculation of the Average time: the grep command extracts the time values (which are assumed to be all in seconds). These values are piped into the awk command, which calculates their average, and then prints that average.