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ZSH Snippets - Multiple Placeholder?

I am trying to emulate the behaviour of ultisnips with zsh, mainly the feature of having multiple place holders. For example, I use taskwarrior a lot but always with the same structure:

taskwarrior add p:PROJECT due:DATE TASKDescription

To speed ups things I wanted to have a snippet that with a key (e.g., "tadd") expands to:

taskwarrior add p: due: 

with the placeholder after "p:" and when I press a key (e.g., ctrl+j) jumps to the next placeholder, i.e., after "due:". In Ultisnips I can do:

snippet tadd "Taskwarrio" b
taskwarrior add p:$1 due:$2 $3

Any idea of how to it in ZSH?