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fstab mount options for umast, fmask, dmask for ntfs with noexec

I have a ntfs partition and when I mount it with default options in fstab I get for files and directories: rwxrwxrwx = 0777 Obviously ntfs does not support "noexec" option and I do not want 'x' flag to the files and directories. So I'd like to ask what values shall I set to fmask, dmask and umask? When I set umask=0666

/dev/sda3       /ntfsPartition  ntfs-3g     defaults,noatime,umask=0666,locale=en_US.utf8,errors=ro 0 0

I get d--x--x--x for the mount directory of the partition. I can go the directory:

cd /ntfsPartition

but I cannot read the content:

ls /ntfsPartition
ls: cannot open directory '.': Permission denied

Thanks in advance!