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The names of hidden files start with . (dot), there are none that start with b. To list names starting with .b use

$ ls .b*

This will also list the contents of any directory whose name starts with .b. Note that -a is not needed here as we explicitly give a filename pattern for the shell to match. Since the pattern starts with . (dot), it will match hidden files. The expanded pattern will be given to ls for processing.

To avoid listing the contents of directories, use

$ ls -d .b*

The above solutions will give an error if no name matches the pattern.

To only list the names of regular files whose names start with .b, use

$ for name in .b*; do test -f "$name" && printf '%s\n' "$name"; done

To get the output in a similar way as with plain ls:

$ for name in .b*; do test -f "$name" && printf '%s\n' "$name"; done | column

The last couple of solutions will not print anything of no name matches the pattern.