I'm trying to use `enscript` to print PDFs from Mutt, and hitting character encoding issues with curly quotes. So that an email with text like this:

    “very dirty”    

Comes out as:

    â\200\234very dirtyâ\200\235

My print script currently reads like this:

    #!/usr/bin/env sh
    INPUT="$1" PDIR="$HOME/Desktop" OPEN_PDF=evince
    tmpfile="`mktemp $PDIR/mutt_XXXXXXXX.pdf`"
    enscript --font=Courier8 $INPUT -2r --word-wrap --fancy-header=mutt -p - 2>/dev/null | ps2pdf - $tmpfile
    $OPEN_PDF $tmpfile >/dev/null 2>&1 &
    sleep 1
    rm $tmpfile

Is there a way to replace the curly quotes before I send it to `enscript`? Or a character encoding I can use that will handle the quotes?

If there's another (better?) way to print to PDF from Mutt, I'm all ears. I just need to ensure that my quotes aren't getting fouled up.