I use Gentoo as my primary home Desktop OS.  I have since ~2004.  I appreciate the `emerge` command for managing a source based OS as well as it does.  Every now and then I check on other distributions, but I'm particularly fond of [Linux From Scratch - For those of you Who Don't Know][1].  Granted, I've never been through the entire book because using Gentoo has spoiled me in that respect.  I consider Gentoo to be LFS + a Package Manager.  I finally decided I'm going to complete the book, so I stuck XUbuntu on a VM to simulate the newness and ...


I'm following along in the release candidate for [Version 3 - Systemd of CLFS][2], and it hit me at [Chapter 6 - Temporary System - Make][3].  *If a user needs `make` to compile a version of Make, the [Chicken and Egg Causality Problem][4] appears*  This leads me to my next logical questions.

 1. **When [Stuart Feldman][5] created `make` in 1976, how did the computing public compile his program if their OS did not contain an OS depenent `make`?  Am I to assume that the WikiPedia article below is true for every OS?**

 2. **Did he have to package make to include every OS dependent version of make to complete 1?**(See Below)

 3. **If I needed Program A, but it was only available to compile on OS A, did I have to buy OS A, even if I use OS B?**  (Please Ignore
    Windows here if Possible.)


 4. Based on jimmij's comment, **Did OS specific compilers exist in the same way that make was OS Dependent?**

[WikiPedia][6] says:

> Before Make's introduction, the Unix build system most commonly
> consisted of operating system dependent "make" and "install" shell
> scripts accompanying their program's source. Being able to combine the
> commands for the different targets into a single file and being able
> to abstract out dependency tracking and archive handling was an
> important step in the direction of modern build environments.

Also, please note that I am looking for some historical perspective here, as I was born in 1976. 

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