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How to limit P2P/torrent traffic on an OpenWrt 10.03 router?

We have a WRT160NL router with OpenWRT 10.03, and a 60-70 Mbit connection (from ISP, don't ask why). This router can do 30-35 Mbit on ethernet(i mean cable)..ok!

There are ~7 PC's using this Wireless router, 6 through wifi (wep, because of the speed.. :\ ), 1 with cable.

Question: How can we limit P2P/torrent traffic, to have very-very-very-very low priority? I mean if someone downloads from torrent, the speed is getting about e.g.: ~0,5 Mbit/sec etc.

Without recompliing (i only want to use "stock" packages) are there any chances that i can do this? how?

max connection limiting? how?

topology: ISP -> WRT160NL -> 7 clients (NAT,

I don't want to completely "disable" P2P/torrent traffic, I just want to slow them down, so the network would be usable even if several people use it, and e.g.: one of them is downloading st. over torrent. But if only e.g.: 1 person is using the network, then allow him to use all the bandwidth without limiting P2P.