> Does anyone know what the problem might be or what I am doing wrong?

I don't believe it's anything wrong in your two solutions.  There's simply no way these could request the behaviour you describe... without deliberately forking a second process (and you don't call `fork()`), or killing the `time` process, or hacking the kernel etc.

Perhaps your computer is broken.

I might try running `debsums` or `rpm --verify -a` in this case.  Previously I've had weird behaviour caused by silent disk corruption.

It could also be a bug in the chain of software which displays the output.

If you can reproduce the problem with an input file of a mere 100kB, [here's a different computer for you](https://bellard.org/jslinux/) which is almost certainly not _corrupted_ in the same way as the host computer it is run on.  Console output is pretty slow, there's only a few megabytes of free space as well.  The output from running your program under `time` will not match real seconds for some reason, it shouldn't matter for this question though.  The clipboard text box doesn't accept keyboard input for me (Firefox 53), so I used the right-click menu to copy data in through `/dev/clipboard` as per the FAQ.