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6.7 Linux headers make mrproper fails in lfs 7.5

I'm building lfs-7.5.

When I run make mrproper in chapter 6.7, it says that gcc: command not found and on running bash /tools/bin/gcc, it says:

bash: /tools/bin/gcc: no such file or directory

This is the same problem as here. Even the information given by the person who asked the question in the comments is same as mine.

He says that he did "third pass" of gcc in chapter 5. If this was the case then the author of LFS would have clearly indicated to us to perform 3 passes. I'm guessing that I'm making a subtle mistake somewhere, but I can't seem to find out where.

According to the support provided by LFS authors, they ask us to redo the whole thing from the beginning. I agree with them, but without knowing where the mistake might have happened we are bound to make the same mistake again (as I did). The output provided by the person who asked the question in the LFS support question matches mine. This is the link.

Another question about the same topic here did not yield any answers.

Please help.

BTW, when I found out that gcc was not linked to the libraries in /tools/lib of LFS, I manually created a simlink from libc.so.6 to /lib and /lib64 under /mnt/lfs where I mounted the LFS partition. But when I was executing make headers_check in 6.7 (after make mrproper), it complained that it didn't find libz.so and when I searched in /tools/lib, I couldn't find it.