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Android refuses to connect to AVRCP service (BlueZ-5.69)

I have an old car with no native Bluetooth for audio, so to use my phone for music, I have a Bluetooth receiver connected to the 3.5mm aux jack in my car. The problem is controlling the playback on ...
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log out from slim, or slim restart results in blank screen for several minutes

I am using slim login manager. when I log out from my session, or restart slim from the commandline: service slim restart I get blank console for couple of minutes, before the slim login screen ...
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f2fs corrupted checkpoint

A day ago, my SSD was perfectly usable. Then it suddenly corrupted my home filesystem, resulting in the following fsck output at the most verbose debugging level: Info: Fix the reported corruption. ...
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HID events are received, but mouse input still not working

I'd like to understand what I'm missing between HID events and libinput. I have a device that is sending correct mouse events, recorded from hid-recorder: e.g. For a left-click: # ReportID: 11 / ...
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