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Complex Audio Issues with Logitech Zone Vibe 125 on Debian Linux and Zoom Interaction

I am facing multiple issues with my Logitech Zone Vibe 125 headphones, which are connected via Bluetooth to my Debian Linux system. Each time I launch Zoom, I encounter no audio output. While I can ...
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cannot install zoom on kali

I am trying to install zoom, yet this is the log. kali@kali:~$ sudo apt install ./zoom_amd64.deb Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done Note, ...
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Zoom desktop app settings do not save

The Zoom desktop app isn't saving settings between restarts, no matter which instance I use (website install, AUR, Flatpak). What do I need to do?
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Zoom screen share no longer works with Wayland after August update

There was an update from Zoom in early August 2023 (I forget the exact date) that has broken screen share completely for me and partly for a colleague who also uses Linux. We both have Ubuntu 22.04 ...
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Consistent Icons for Zoom in Gnome Wayland on NixOS

I use zoom on Gnome Wayland in NixOS (dotfiles). The problem I’m trying to solve is that while I can see the zoom icon in the launcher/overview: I get the default application icon everywhere else: I ...
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Using feh --keep-zoom-vp and --zoom fit at the same time?

If I run: feh --keep-zoom-vp * Then feh will keep the zoom and viewport positioning when browsing through images, as explained in the manual. This works as expected If I run: feh --zoom "fill&...
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How to zoom a webcam in KDE Plasma 5 on openSUSE Tumbleweed?

I have a Schenker XMG U706 notebook which has a BisonCam NB Pro cam in it. I remember when having used Zoom (What a coincidende in naming! :) under (dual boot) Windows I could zoom in/out the video. ...
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Zoom not starting because of undefined symbol from

I did a minimum debian stable system installation using debootstrap, but zoom is not able to start in such environment: $ QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 /opt/zoom/ZoomLauncher $ tail ~/.zoom/logs/...
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Zoom - Problems with sound after updating Mint

I updated Mint to 20.3 and since then I have some strange issue with Zoom 5.14.2, whenever some music is played if some instruments are loud it cuts the microphone. I tried all the options in the Zoom ...
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Change Zoom Key Bindings in Xfce

In Xfce, you can use Alt + two fingers on the touchpad to zoom in and zoom out on the entire computer screen. How can I change this zoom shortcut to instead use Alt + only one finger on the touchpad ...
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zoom meeting with cron

My zoom class teacher doesn't give us a link with a hashed password and I am using this to open zoom from command line. (EDIT: Later I knew that normal zoom command open a link with non-hashed ...
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Zoom brightness missconfiguration when sharing my screen

I have a fresh Arch linux installation (it's my first time on Arch I work mostly on Oracle Linux), so far I have my windowing system working (I'm using Xmonad + Lightdm) just fine, I also changed the /...
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How to stop Zoom from stealing URI associations when installing with FlatPak?

Ever since installing Zoom Flatpak I've noticed that many web-links (like telephone numbers) that should not be associated to ZOOM are now being opened by ZOOM. I'd like to maintain Zoom assocition ...
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Debian 11 is zoomed by default

I installed Debian os 11 which I got zoomed desktop by default. Have big icons and a taskbar. how can I zoom out? keyboard shortcut not working out. I tried both cinnabar and gnome desktop environment....
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Microphone fitlered through pulseeffects not being regonized on Zoom

I am using pulseeffects on my microphone inputs to filter my voice a bit. It's working in every other application that supports pulseaudio except Zoom. Zoom seems my microphone, but it just ignores ...
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Zoom windows launch with a completely blank window

Whenever I attempt to launch Zoom from Terminal, nothing happens. When I try zoom --no-sandbox, it launches a blank window that only has an outline. I can't interact with any 'invisible' buttons ...
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How to Bind Alt+Scroll for Zooming (Screen Magnifier) in Awesome Window Manager

In Awesome Window Manager, how can I bind alt+Scroll for zooming? For example, in KDE Plasma, it is done this way: 1) sudo apt install xbindkeys 2) Save the text below into ~/.xbindkeysrc : "...
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WebCamoid Chorma-Key Green Screen Background Image Settings

Can somebody please provide directions on HOW to set up WebCamoid to use a ChromaKey Green Screen to add a virtual background to my virtual camera? I have WebCamoid installed on MacOS Mojave 10.14 but ...
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X11 video memory requirements with multiple desktops and windows open

I am running i3 window manager on a single 4k display. However, I have 12 desktops and maybe 50 windows open. Recently I noticed that zoom video is very laggy at times, also it takes a second to ...
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Microphone not working in zoom, works in everything else

Somehow, and very suddenly, my microphone is not working for zoom (I have Ubuntu 20.04). I have updated to the latest version of Zoom (16.04+), have reverted back to the old version (12.04), and the ...
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Crackling noise on Zoom conferences

The setup is the following: Zoom running inside a Lubuntu VM. USB headset reassigned to the VM. The problem: only in Zoom, the speaker of the headset does a crackling noise. (E.g. youtube music is ...
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KDE: how to get rid of IBus sys tray icon and keep Zoom

This is a variant of this question. But the provided answers either don't seem to work or would entail not being able to have Zoom (cf below). Situation: I run Kubuntu 21.04 with KDE Plasma 5.21.4 ...
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Skip the browser page when opening https URIs for Zoom, Teams, and other native apps

Android has a convenient feature: certain https links that have associated local apps installed are opened directly in these apps, skipping the browser page. How do I achieve this in Linux? I have ...
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Loud and high pitched mic audio during calls

I use Ubuntu 20.04.1. When I use apps like Zoom or Discord, my audio input is weird, where it gets distorted and becomes a very loud scary noise that keeps increasing to a higher pitch and volume (it'...
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sudo: run zoom as another user

I block all Internet traffic for my kids' Linux accounts using iptables. Sometimes I want to allow them to use one program or another. In such cases I enable them to run that programs as another(...
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Joining a Zoom meeting by SIP with Linphone

I noticed that Zoom invitations have a "join by SIP" part, so I duckduckwent SIP and got the impression that I could join a Zoom meeting with Linphone. I created a SIP account, created a ...
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Zoom scheduling support in Evolution

I have recently started using Zoom, and would love if there is anyway of scheduling meetings in zoom through the calendar in Evolution. Evolution is already linked to an Exchange server for the ...
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Disable autostart of ibus on login

There is an application, Zoom, which depends on software known as ibus. After installation, ibus likes to autostart. I don't want ibus to autostart. I've removed autostart files that start im-daemon ...
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Play audio output as input to Zoom

Somewhat related to how to pipe audio output to mic input and but those both involve "recording". I want to ...
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