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Is there any way to change $? from a zle widget?

I have a widget for mapping ^Z to fg: function ctrlz() { [[ $(jobs | wc -l) > 0 ]] && { zle -I fg } } However, since widgets can't change $?, the exit status of ...
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Why does select-word-style stop me from using backward-kill-word for leading whitespace?

If I have just some whitespace at be beginning of my zsh prompt, I can usually ^W (backward-kill-word) it away. However, as soon as I load select-word-style - even if I don't select any special style -...
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how to change prompt of zle widgets (history-incremental-backward-search)?

Is there a way to change the prompt of zle widgets such as history-incremental-backward-search? For instance I wonder if we can colorize "bck-i-search:" or change the string, or colorize the ...
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What is the current zle keymap/mode?

For example, if I hit the right combination of keys to enter viins and walk away from the terminal and forget, how can I tell when I get back? How can I tell what the default mode is? The guide has ...
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Zsh: make single file selection smart, stylish, and functionally correct (highlights, completions below cursor, etc)

I would like to have a near-flawless "single file selector" with zsh. So far I haven't seen one in questions as they tend to focus on zle settings for one's command line. Let's say we are ...
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How to change meta to option (macOS) in zle emacs keymap?

Since I use both bash and zsh, I'd like to learn the zle's emacs keymap (since this is the default in bash). My problem is that macOS's option key does not work with the meta shortcuts (like M-. for ...
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Avoid terminal scroll issue when using zle reset-prompt

I use TMOUT=10 - 10s to update time in prompt so it caused scroll always go back to current prompt. For i.e: If I scroll back serverl pages of output then 10s later, zsh scroll down when prompt was ...
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