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Using putty, Left and Right keys move cursor one word, instead of one char

I have looked for a solution to this OhMyZSH! problem for a few days now, but can't find a solution. Admittedly, I do not understand how zle really works, same for bindkey. Same goes for the way ...
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How to repeat a zle widget an arbitrary number of times when the completion menu is open?

I'm using the zsh shell, and I'm trying to install a few key bindings to use keys similar to the ones I would use in a Vim buffer, when a completion menu is open. So, inside the menuselect keymap I'...
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zsh keybindings: make backward-kill-word act on whole quoted string

When using Ctrl+w or Alt+Backspace or Alt+d keyboard shortcuts to delete words backward/forward, I know I can define the WORDCHARS characters: WORDCHARS='~!#$%^&*(){}[]<>?.+;-' for example, ...
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How to configure Ctrl+w as delete word in zsh

I want to delete a word by Ctrl+W in zsh like. vim /foo/bar^W vim /foo/ And found a solution for bash, but bind is not in zsh function. Is it possible to configure ctrl-w (delete word)? How can I ...
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Bindkey to execute command (Zsh)

In bash one can do the following: bind -x '"\C-l":ls' to map Ctrl+L to external (ie. system's rather than readline function) ls command to list directory contents. How to do the same in zsh, and ...
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Alt + . (dot) shows &, instead of a previous argument

I (ab)use Alt + . to recover the last argument in a previous command (I'm using ZSH): for example, $ convert img.png img.pdf $ llpp (alt + .) # which produces llpp img.pdf but sometimes I review a ...
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Zsh refer to last element of current argument list and expand it

Suppose I do something like: ln a_file_with_a_long_filename.pdf ~/path/to/a/new/hardlink/a_file_with_a_long_filename_slightly_modified.pdf Is there a way to refer to and expand ...
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What is the difference between `set -o emacs` vs `bindkey -e`?

From what I have seen, both set -o emacs and bindkey -e are used to modify the behavior of your terminal line editor to emulate emacs whereas set -o vi and bindkey -v are used to emulate vi ...
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