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Xinerama is an extension to the X Window System that enables X applications and window managers to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. When Xinerama is enabled in the X server, multiple X screens can be unified into a single workspace. This unified work area allows windows to be transferred across X screens.

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Nvidia Xinerama 1xGT1030 to 2 DP monitors with either nouveau/nvidia driver

I have GeForce GT 1030 card with 2 Dell U2415 monitors. The connection is 1030's DisplayPort => Monitor 1 DP Input; Monitor 1 DP Output => Monitor 2 DP Input. The OS is Debian Buster (10), with ...
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How do I tile two displays onto one monitor with AMD graphics

I have a Dell UP2414Q monitor from 2014 that is using two tiles. The left and right side are basically a separate monitor, and DisplayPort's Multi-Stream Transport sends a signal to both. On Windows, ...
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XORG Dual Graphic Card Setup NVIDIA

I asked a related question on Stack Exchange and it seems that nobody understands anything there, so I will format this question for here and maybe have better luck. I am trying to setup 2 NVIDIA GT ...
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Multi GPU Compiz?

Is it possible to enable OpenGL compositing in multi GPU setup? I have Quadro 4000 and GTX580. Atm I'm using xinerama and 4 X servers but it doesn't support Compiz. On the other hand I can't find a ...
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Xinerama used not on all screens

is it possible to use Xinerama only for selected subset of screens? I have a computer with three graphical outputs on Intel HD graphics. I have one GPU so I can run one XServer with three screens (:0....
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Cursor position, dragging and resizing windows... with multiple monitors

I was finally able to get my four identically sized screens to work together, with three on one graphics card ( GeForce GTX 750 ) and one on a second card ( GeForce GT 730 ) in X11. It was a really ...
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Two monitors work as if they were a single one

I have 3 monitors (1 on an Intel card, 2 on Nvidia). After some magic with xorg.conf they started to work, but the two Nvidia monitors work as if they were a single, wide monitor (any maximized window ...
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Windows don't show up in second monitor Debian ATI proprietary drivers

I've installed Debian 7.8 on my computer, then installed and attempted to configure the drivers. Everything went fine except for the fact that no windows show up on my second monitor at all. I enabled ...
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How to setup x11 touchscreen in linux desktop?

I am using opensuse desktop with two screens, top and bottom. Only the bottom screen is touchscreen, which is USB touchscreen. Both monitors are used as a single screen. I tried to configure the touch ...
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Can the mouse pointer be made to stop at the edge of a Xinerama screen?

I've got 3 monitors set up with Xinerama (not using XRandR) running GNOME. The monitors don't form a rectangle, and I'm having a problem with the mouse behaviour when I try to move the mouse into an ...
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Xinerama misbehaving - drags to wrong screen

I am in the midst of setting up a new Debian workstation. Using one AMD HD 7870, I am running 3 screens. It took a little doing to get to the point where all three screens were showing up correctly, ...
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NVIDIA driver upgrade failed

I downloaded the latest(331.49), tried to install, but failed. I compiled the kernel module and at the end of the installation it said that it went successful. But on bootup it said: version mismatch, ...
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Run one screensaver across multiple monitors

Is there a way to make xscreensaver run a single screen saver across the whole X display, ignoring Xinerama/XRANDR geometry? I have three monitors appearing as a single X screen on one X display. ...
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Xorg Setting checking from Command Line

How do I determined, whether Xorg is using Xinerama, DDC and Reduced Blanking ?? Just adding few options in Xorg.conf is sufficient ? If I have to check from command-line, then how can I check ...
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Double GNOME UI elements with Xinerama

I have a Debian 7.0 system which I'm trying to set up with 3 monitors. I'm using a Quadro NVS 420 card with the latest NVidia drivers. I configured it using Xinerama and the nvidia-settings utility, ...
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xorg.conf 2 cards 3 monitors - why is one monitor stretched?

I have 2 nvidia cards with three monitors Left (0), Middle (1), and Right (2). I have to use xinerama to make them all one desktop because xrandr only joins 0 and 1, leaving 2 as a separate desktop. ...
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how to stretch mplayer to both monitors (fullscreen) in a xinerama setup

I am using the window manager Xmonad and have two monitors in a Xinerama setup. I want to display videos with mplayer fullscreen across the two monitors. But, by default, I want mplayer to be a tiled ...
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after enabling Xinerama (in AMD condor Dual-Head Graphics Card) the system graphics hangs

I have a problem in my AMD Condor Dual-Head Graphics Card When I enable Xinerama from "System → Preferences → AMD Catalyst Control center (Administrative)" my RHEL Server 6.3 (x64) Graphics hangs. ...
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