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Questions tagged [xcursor]

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How to customize X11 font cursor

According to the documentation of XCreateFontCursor: Applications are encouraged to use this interface for their cursors because the font can be customized for the individual display type. How do I ...
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Flip an xcursor in the console

I'm left-handed and I want to be able to correctly flip any arbitrary xcursor theme so that I can use it as a left-handed version. I’m surprised this isn’t build in. So a way to flip an xcursor file, ...
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What do these Xcursor names mean?

I have a plan to make my own Xcursor theme. I'm looking at existing themes and found some strange names such as 08e8e1c95fe2fc01f976f1e063a24ccd. I found a piece of code that contain this name. https:/...
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How to show pointer after it has been hidden by unclutter

I am automatically hiding the cursor with unclutter -idle 3 in my bspwmrc. But I want the cursor to show again ever time I focus a different window with the keyboard. (This would provide a little more ...
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5 votes
2 answers

mwm cursor size

I have problems with cursor size on one of my Xorg screens on CentOS 7. I have two screens. One runs xfce4 window manager and desktop, while another runs mwm window manager. This is a custom setup, ...
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How to have consistent cursor size on HiDPI?

So, I'm on a HiDPI machine (XPS 9370) and using the Adwaita cursor; this is on a fresh install of Antergos w/ i3 for context. I've been playing around with some settings for adapting to HiDPI, but I ...
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2 answers

How to get the available X cursor sizes?

Suppose you have several X cursors on your system such as golden-xcursors or silver-xcursors. I already know it's possible to specify which cursor size you prefer by editing ~/.Xresources. For example:...
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5 votes
5 answers

X is misrendering a rectangle around my mouse pointer

A square area around my mouse pointer is being rendered incorrectly. Instead of rendering the window it is supposed to render, it seems to be rendering the window underneath instead. It is very ...
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0 answers

Hide individual pointer cursor (because of flicker) in KDE in dual pointer setup with touchscreen

Under Kubuntu 17.04, I'm trying to obtain a dual pointer setup where one is attached to my mouse as usual and the other is attached to the touchscreen that otherwise works correctly while attached to ...
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0 answers

x11 - can't move mouse cursor with nouveau, xev still reports movement

I am currently using the nouveau DRM with fallback xf86-video-modesetting drivers on arch linux with a GTX 1080. I am currently experiencing an issue in where my mouse will be stuck at the ...
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1 answer

Need to replace one cursor of a set; have already created the PNG for the cursor

I have created a replacement for xterm cursor that will allow me to see the cursor (Windows, incidentally, calls the xterm cursor the "i-beam", which is rather more descriptive) much better. Problem ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Convert Xcursor to PNG

Xcursor is a format for the graphics of the cursor in X11 (file reports X11 cursor). xcursorgen allows you to convert PNG files and some metadata to Xcursor files. How do I convert an Xcursor file ...
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How to override custom mouse cursor with Xcursor?

When I use rdesktop to connect to a Microsoft Windows server, the mouse cursor is set to a monochrome version of the Windows true-colour cursor. This ends up being a white arrow with no outline, so it'...
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