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Trying to use xautolock to suspend activity after a certain amount of time

I'm using manjaro (5.8.18-1-MANJARO) and the i3 window manager. I'm trying to lock the screen then suspend activity after given amounts of idle time. I've found that xautolock should suit my needs ...
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xautolock locker function stops working after a minute

I have a slightly different way of using xautolock: After I lock the screen (using i3lock in my case), I want the display to turn off after some period of time of inactivity. AND I want it to re-turn ...
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Script to detect mouse clicks like a screen saver while ignoring mouse movement

Would like to disconnect an nic after a minute of user inactivity, where inactivity is defined as no mouse clicks or wheel scrolls. Mouse movement is to be ignored so xscreensaver is not suitable and ...
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shell script run by xautolock keeps stall value in command substitution

I'm trying to make a simple script to put my computer to sleep if it runs on battery unattended. I have this simple script: #!/bin/sh if [ `cat /sys/class/power_supply/ADP1/online` -eq 0 ]; then ...
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xautolock/ssh-add can't interact with ssh-agent if launched from .xsessionrc

I use xautolock to lock the screen and suspend my laptop after a given amount of time of inactivity. This works fine. This is how xautolock is started from .xsessionrc: xautolock -time 60 -...
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Why does desktop locking stop working after some time?

xautolock is clearly running: $ ps wafux | grep [x]autolock user 21410 0.0 0.0 20124 2628 ? S Nov05 0:04 xautolock -time 10 -notify 30 -notifier notify-send --urgency low --expire-...
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Can I use xautolock or anything else to run a command when input is received after the timeout?

I want to have my screen lock and backlight fade out after some delay, and then I want to have the backlight fade back in when I move the cursor or press a button. Having the screen fade out is easy ...
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Why does my service run *after resuming*?

I've defined the following service to start a screen locker before suspending: $ cat /etc/systemd/system/screenlock.service [Unit] Description=Lock X session using slock [Service]...
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