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Bash: how to wrap a command to measure its elapsed time?

How to wrap a command to measure its elapsed time? Currently I do it using eval: do_cmd_named() { local name=$1 local cmd=$2 echo "$name" local start_time=$(date +%s) eval "$...
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set custom wrap column

OS: SLES12, terminal emulator: mate 1.22.1, shell: tcsh $TERM: xterm-256color I want to set the line wrapping in the terminal so that any text that appears on the terminal (stdout or otherwise) wraps ...
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Find path of original command when overriding it with a shell script?

I'm writing a wrapper script to wrap around the execution of another command; in this case the Chef kitchen command. My script will also be called kitchen and put earlier in $PATH so that running ...
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What is electron-wrapped process?

I found this process today but I don't recognize it. Searching i found that is a tool but I haven't installed it.(directly) Can it be a problem to consider? Thank you!
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Current/working directory issue from wrapper

A common packaging issue I encounter is when a tool is looking for relative resources in its root directory (install directory). Eg. pkg-name (/usr/share/pkg-name/pkg-name) is looking for resourceA (/...
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How to use bash cat * to wrap? [duplicate]

ls /proc/ 1 10984 11246 131 144 167 2099 31788 4805 5375 6762 7594 8111 8722 consoles 10 10993 11247 1314 14400 168 21 32 4807 5379 6771 76 8112 ...
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Bash prompt wrap broken when path has unicode (Greek) characters

When a path is too long to fit on the terminal and it wraps, the following prompt is broken and you can't see properly what is typed. See screenshot below: These are the contents of .bashrc that set ...
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Rip-off (an ncurses term) single bottom line out of /dev/tty terminal, is it possible?

Ncurses allows to separate a single line from screen, at level of physical screen (curscr), to devote it to e.g. a title bar, thus also creating a logical screen (stdscr), devoted to application's ...
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Turning off word-wrap with less during paging?

I can get the effect that I want from running less -S but it seems fishy to me that there is no way to render the input without word-wrap after the file is opened. Is there anyway to less /tmp/...
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Hard wrap hard refill

Given this file: $ cat file alfa bravo charlie delta echo foxtrot golf hotel india juliet kilo lima mike november oscar papa quebec romeo sierra tango uniform_victor_whiskey_xray yankee zulu I would ...
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Wrap text accounting for non-printing characters

This question asks about wrapping text at a certain column, and people suggest using fold or fmt but as far as I can see, these simply count characters and don't allow for non-printing characters. ...
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Script error message in a single line

I am executing the command mv /prod/new/outputlog/error.log /prod/hist/new/outputlog/error.log.32423423424 using shell script. Since the error.log file is not available the command writing an ...
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Text wrapping in Terminology

I just installed Enlightenment in OpenSuse Tumbleweed via YasT. I'm using E as the WM and entrance as the DM, if it matters. While checking its terminal emulator Terminology, I noticed that output ...
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How to remove line wrapping from DNF & YUM commands?

When using dnf and yum on rpm based Linux distros (RHEL/Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, etc) the utility will automatically wrap lines to make it more friendly for the user to read. This is problematic as ...
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