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font madness on linux desktop

I am using Debian 10. fc-list shows following fonts installed on my system: $ fc-list | cut -d':' -f2 | sort -u Bitstream Charter Century Schoolbook L Courier 10 Pitch DejaVu Sans DejaVu Sans Mono ...
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Get rid of UNIX redirection newly created file without using rm

Using below function to filter out text file and organize to new format. Using unix redirection > command to create new files. How can I get rid of creating all new files (e.g. ${file}_final_1.txt,...
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Add line breaks to Grep Commands

How can I add a few line breaks? I want it to show OpenFin category, have a line break, Chrome category, another line break, then memoryInfo. Here is what I have so far: cat LoginExInternal.txt | ...
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Remove specific words within lines

I have a text file that has something like this: loginName: Name1 userAgent:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/ (KHTML like Gecko) Chrome/61.0.3163.104 OpenFin/ ...
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Minimalistic text editor/document processor?

I am looking for an open source word processor that can do the following: Text size Access a font database Big font/cursive Tables List Non-analogue imitation
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Removing each row that possesses a singleton in the first column

I would like to remove each row that possesses a singleton in the first column. e.g. Input: Letters represent variables of which there may be thousands. Numbers represent columns and rows. There are ...
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Output number of words, characters, or lines in an .doc or .docx document from command line

I have a folder full of .doc or .docx files. I'd like to know how many words--or, failing that, characters or lines--are in each file without opening each one of them. (Use case: I'm a TA who needs to ...
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How to [constantly] read the last line of a file?

I have client filtering out data from an live MQTT stream which writes the data into a myfile.csv file, here are the last four lines: 1426134425,m,NWRL,MSV,001,d,SVlts,139,1840343,26089,28529,15987 ...
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Unable to print awk'ed datum in bash script

I am dumping datum into a csv file (my_datum_file.csv). The contents are all comma seperated, and I want to find the last instance of the 4th parameter (i.e. the last instance of datum regarding MX3, ...
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Sed: modify every non-first word repetition for every word in text

I need to do something like that using sed? qq ab xyz ab qq aa ab Becomes: qq ab xyz +ab+ +qq+ aa +ab+
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Terminal-based spreadsheets and wordprocessor?

Are there any (good) terminal based (ie. runs in a VT, not in GUI/X) spreadsheets or wordprocessors for Unix/Linux? Can anybody remember the name of such programs which were popular before (eg. ...
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Editing RTF files in text mode

I have a bunch of CLI-only computers (I have not bothered to set up a GUI yet). I'm comfortable enough in the CLI to not NEED a GUI for most things. However, as a student, turning in Plain-Text ...
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Synonyms (from a thesaurus) in Emacs

I use Emacs 23 on Debian sid. I can check the spelling of a word in Emacs with M-$. How can I obtain synonyms (using a thesaurus?) for a word in Emacs? None of the following were useful: one, two, ...
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add new language to /usr/share/dict/words

In this directory I have English dict and my language file, but where I can download other language? Or maybe you known other free dictionary? I need to make list of word that are not in the ...
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Linux for a writer, running on a Pentium II [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Linux for low-end hardware and internet browsing My dad has a rather old computer that's just sitting there that I want to repurpose. Now I know could probably get a Pentium 4 ...
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How to read Word .doc files?

How can we read Microsoft Word (.doc) files in a Linux system? It doesn't support .doc files. I tried strings filename.doc | less but it gives ugly output. Any other option? I would prefer a GUI ...
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Are there any MathType clones for Open/Libre - Office?

Are there any equation editor/makers, similar to MathType?
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