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How to compile graphicsmagick with webp support

So I'm trying to compile graphicsmagick with webp support... I've run yum install libwebp libwebp-dev I've added the libwebp.a library from google. And I add the --with-webp flag to the ./configure ...
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Cwebp -resize only if image is larger

cwebp - Compress an image file to a WebP file -resize width height Resize the source to a rectangle with size width x height. If either (but not both) of the width or height parameters is 0, the ...
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webp animation to gif animation (cli)

I was surprised today to find apparently how difficult it is to go from a webp animation to gif animation. My GIMP 2.8.22 and ImageMagick 7.0.7-21 on linux 4.14.13-1-ARCH don't seem to support the ...
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Convert Webp to PDF

I want to convert a bunch of Webp images to individual PDFs. I'm able to do it with this command: parallel convert '{} {.}.pdf' ::: *.webp or I can use this FFMPEG command: find ./ -name "*.webp" -...
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