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Linux: Is it possible to have TTY messsages in terminal emulator?

I use LinuxMint21, and I go in TTY only when I have an issue with my X session. Today, I went to a TTY, and I saw messages about sysrqd, partially disabled (was not expected), and I have some upgrade ...
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WSL2 Ubuntu - wall command

I'm trying to setup a simple script to run on a cron job that runs in the background and notifies any open terminals of the outcome using the wall command. However when testing, I don't get any output ...
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How to exit "wall" without pressing Ctrl+D? [closed]

I'm using crontab to send messages to all users. I wrote */1 * * * * wall $(bash But the problem is I always have to press Ctrl+D to end the message. How can I solve this??
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"Wall" but send text to local terminal, too?

I have tried wall, but it does not show the message to local terminal. Can I show it to local terminal, too? The remote SSH and the local GUI terminal are the same user account. The reason why I am ...
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How to limit messages from the wall command to a specific group?

The description for the wall command states that it sends a message to all logged in users. However, the man page describes a flag, -g --group, which allows the sender to limit messages to a specified ...
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systemd infinite loop with wall command

I know this is a very unusual question but i had to create a bash script for a school project and I created a systemd service which calls a script on startup. Script contained (i think, cant check ...
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Contents of variable somehow lost with socat and wall

I'm not sure what is going on or which command causes the unexpected behavior, so I'll post everything I've done: I have created a script containing: #!/bin/bash read INCOMING wall --...
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Is there a wall log?

A tool that runs day and night sometimes posts crucial information to the wall. Is there any way to redirect this output to a file for when I'm asleep? Alternatively, does wall keep a log of messages ...
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How can I reply to broadcast messages?

I received some messages here: [root@localhost kvm]# Broadcast message from [email protected] (pts/1) (Thu Jun 6 08:04:26 2019): hello Broadcast message from [email protected] (...
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Output non-ascii characters through wall command

Using Linux Slackware 14.2, KDE. I created a script in Linux with Russian text that I want to output through wall: #!/bin/bash wall <<< 'Сообщение' Instead of text I see the characters ...
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Prevent Unattented-upgrades from sending reboot notifications to shell

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and have enabled automatic updates and reboots. Version of unattended-upgrades is 0.90ubuntu0.9. When there is pending reboot and I am logged in to the server I keep getting ...
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wall forces everyone to input something to get back to the prompt

I can't find an answer for this and it may be because I don't know how to phrase the question. I'm using wall to broadcast a message to open terminals once a day. When it does, the terminal users' ...
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Piping cat into wall (e.g. cat | wall)

Why does echo foo | wall work but cat | wall not work? In the latter case, I enter a couple lines into cat, and in theory they should pipe to wall; however, nothing happens.
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Wall not working on Ubuntu 16.04

When I use echo "hi" | wall on a device I have running Ubuntu 14.04 I get back: Broadcast Message from rescue@ws1-/share/locale-langpack/en_CA.UTF-8.utf8/LC_ID (/dev/pts/2) at 14:19 ... ...
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