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Thunderbird gets stuck, reboot is needed?

Using Thunderbird for mail and usenet, but since a few days, it gets stuck for minutes when connecting the news server, to end with a timeout error. The problem cannot be solved by restarting ...
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Remove all base64 blocks from a file

I am in the process of trying to upload around 20 years worth of Usenet archives to but my first batch got reject because some of the archives contained trojans that are encoded in base64. ...
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how do I configure trn4 for multiple news servers?

I'm running Leafnode as an easy-to-use NNTP server and am considering switching from pan as news reader to trn4. To configure trn4 I set it to, effectively, localhost. Specifically, the FQDN which ...
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canlock-password - hashed password (?) mysteriously in .emacs

In my .emacs, this has appeared, for unknown reasons: (custom-set-variables ; ... '(canlock-password "fdd7041be5b...") And so on, totalling 40 characters and digits. C-h v offers this: canlock-...
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Read Usenet comp.unix and more with back-then software (trn)

Is there a way to read the comp.unix Usenet discussions (and others) using the software that was used then? I'd like to read it to learn, but I can do a bit of escapism at the same time. Besides, as ...
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