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31 votes
5 answers

What aspects of Plan 9 have made their way into Unix?

Plan 9 was developed by Bell Labs as a successor to Unix. Although for various reasons it never quite materialized as such, a fair amount of development still went into Plan 9. My question is, what -...
5 votes
2 answers

"Linux supports the dynamic loading of kernel modules. "

I read in a book written by Robert Love that: Linux supports the dynamic loading of kernel modules. He said this is the difference between Linux and Unix, but I seem to recall there is also KLD in ...
12 votes
1 answer

What does 'uni' mean in unistd.h

What does uni mean in unistd.h Does it mean unix? or universal? What is it?
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10 votes
3 answers

Expansion of the word UNIX?

Is UNIX an acronym? What does it stand for?
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208 votes
8 answers

Is Linux a Unix?

So, there are lots of different versions of Unix out there: HP-UX, AIX, BSD, etc. Linux is considered a Unix clone rather than an implementation of Unix. Are all the "real" Unices actual descendants ...
63 votes
5 answers

Why is there a * When There is Mention of Unix Throughout the Internet?

I've noticed that throughout the Internet, within forums and blog posts, Unix always has a * in the word, whether it is *nix or Un*x, as I noticed at the welcoming banner at the Unix StackExchange ...
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2 answers

What should every expert know? [closed]

What things should any self-professed UNIX expert have under their belt? I'm looking to fill any gaps in my knowledge. Some things I can think of off the bat: Shell (interactive and scripting) ...