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Questions tagged [twinview]

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How do I tile two displays onto one monitor with AMD graphics

I have a Dell UP2414Q monitor from 2014 that is using two tiles. The left and right side are basically a separate monitor, and DisplayPort's Multi-Stream Transport sends a signal to both. On Windows, ...
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Twinview: 2 monitors difference resolutions with NVIDIA

I'm successfully using twinview to drive 2 monitors for my home theatre computer (one in the case, one projector). I recently upgraded my projector and now the two screens have vastly different ...
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dual-head with NVidia Quadro FX3450/4000 on Centos 6.2

I am having troubles setting up dualhead with an NVidia Quadro FX3450/4000 card with Centos 6.2. The driver is installed from ELRepo. I set up twinview with nvidia-settings (and checked /etc/X11/xorg....
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Multi-monitor Xorg nVidia on Ubuntu 10.10 without root?

Here at work we just set up a Ubuntu Terminal Server, All of our workstations have multiple monitors, of different sizes, 2-3 screens and varying nVidia video card models, but they all are nvidia. I ...
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How do I set up dual monitor wallpaper (Ubuntu/NVIDIA)?

On Ubuntu 10.4 with NVIDIA drivers I have dual monitors setup with TwinView. How do I configure a single wallpaper to span both monitors? Right now the same wallpaper is replicated on both monitors.
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