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A representation of a device that asynchronously transmits and receives serial data.

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How to enable auto login in TTY while getting softwares like tmux work?

Currently i'm using flow redirect to enable auto login mode , but when i launch tmux in tty1 , it stuck. c1:12345:respawn:/bin/login -f USERNAME</dev/tty1 > /dev/tty1 2>&1 Is there any ...
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Difference between pts and tty

Possible Duplicate: What is the exact difference between a 'terminal', a 'shell', a 'tty' and a 'console'? I always see pts and tty when I use the who command but ...
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Low-level serial configuration?

I'm using embedded Linux platform, kernel is 2.6. I'm using stty command to configure ttyS* high level. The problem is that when I want to turn hardware flow control on: stty -F /dev/ttySA0 crtscts ...
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Multiple Unix Sessions

Is there any way I can open multiple Unix sessions on different servers at the same time? I don't want to use ssh, as I want to monitor the CPUs of all those servers at the same time, which will keep ...
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Run getty on a serial port on startup on RHEL

I want to put a getty on ttyS2 on a RHEL 6.1 box so I can use IPMI's serial-over-ethernet functionality to log in to a machine when SSH isn't working. In the past (on Ubuntu?), I used to add a line ...
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How can I run `watch` as a background job?

When I run: watch 'cmd >> output.txt' & the job gets suspended by the system: 3569 Stopped (tty output) Is there a workaround?
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How to script /etc/issue?

I would like to pipe my tty number through figlet (ASCII generator) for the /etc/issue (message shown before login). Obviously this means I can't just update it from /etc/rc.local. On my system (Arch)...
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How to change tty login prompt?

To be clear, I am not referring to /etc/issue (shown before the prompt) or /etc/motd (shown after login), but the prompt itself, which is currently hostname login: For good measure, I am running ...
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256 color in Linux console

I have in my .bashrc export TERM=xterm-256color but this cause blinking all colored text (ls --color, in vim etc.) in a Linux console (Ctrl+Alt+F1). So is there any possibility to recognize in ...
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What's the difference between the ^S and ^Z control characters inside a terminal?

When using a terminal emulator, one can stop the currently running program with either CTRL-Z or CTRL-S. What's the difference between these signals?
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How can you get console backgrounds for Arch Linux?

I have tested out openSUSE and found that the tty1 is a bit different from other systems as the tty has got a background. I know that Knoppix has a tux penguin for each core the computer has, but I'm ...
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bash -i behavior and "why is my terminal hung?"

This happens on every distro I've tried: $ cat | bash -i bash-3.2$ ls foo bar bash-3.2$ And now the session is hung. Ie, you get one command and then you pretty much have to close the terminal ...
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How to redirect tty1 to an X11 (KDE) Konsole shell?

I would like to see what is going on at tty1 - the console I was booting from - while I am now on tty7 running X11 with KDE4, without switching back to tty1 (Ctrl+Alt+F1). I would like to see it ...
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Why does `last` show '{' and '|' in the TTY field?

We recently set up a new FreeBSD 7.2 machine on March 11. When looking at last, we noticed some funny characters for the TTY field. What do these characters mean? Note that at this time, the ...
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Can I get an 8-bit clean connection with 'socat'?

This question is mostly about "socat", but here's some background to go with it: I am trying -- for reasons having mostly to do with nostalgia -- to write a virtual modem driver for use with ...
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RJ-45 <-> RS-232, can I substitute the RS-232 side and abuse my Ethernet port as COM port?

We have a PCIX board (with MIPS CPU) from some vendor and it has an RJ-45 jack on the "board-side", where the cable has an RS-232 plug on the other side. The expected protocol is clearly the same as ...
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How do I ensure that a terminal remains scrollable?

On my tty terminals (1-6), I lose text when I move away from it and back (i.e. pressing ShiftPg Up doesn't reveal any scrolled-off text). How can I recover this text?
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TTY On External Monitor

When using my laptop at home, I usually use an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse with my laptop's screen as a second monitor. This is all easily configured using a nice GNOME utility that I ...
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What is the exact difference between a 'terminal', a 'shell', a 'tty' and a 'console'?

I think these terms almost refer to the same thing, when used loosely: terminal shell tty console What exactly does each of these terms refer to?
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How to clear terminal after logging out?

Currently on my laptop when I log out I can still see traces of my last activities (in tty). How can I tell it (Gentoo) to clear the screen before logging out?
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How to stop cursor from blinking

How do I make the cursor stop blinking when in a TTY? (or anywhere else). BONUS Points for one universal setting that stops the cursor blinking almost everywhere.
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Show a notification across all running X displays

Using the command line, I'd like show a notification on every running X display. ( and running console ) Something like: notify-send-all 'Warning' 'Nuclear launch in 5 minutes, please evacuate' Is ...
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