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Using gs (Ghostscript) to extract fonts from PDF

I;m tried to use Ghostscript to extract fonts from PDF file. GPL Ghostscript 9.53.3 (2020-10-01) I downloaded tool and put it in same folder with PDF file. I also set permissions for ...
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Venturis ADF on Debian - should a system font be provided by texlive-fonts-extra?

I have some previous SVG files that I'm trying to edit with Inkscape that use Venturis ADF. This font is not installed as a "system font" on my current computer, but I understand it should ...
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Viewing Runes? (Font installation)

I wanted to see runes (not only in Libreoffice) but in Chrome too. For me, I could not see the following Runes: ᛠᚣᚫᛞᛟᛝᛚᛗᛖᛒᛏᛋᛉᛈᛇᛂᛁᚾᚻᚹᚷᚳᚱᚩᚦᚢ for me, it was boxes (dotted lines), questionmarks, and ...
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When I get a font package with OTFs, should I also keep the Web versions?

I've just downloaded the Comic Neue font family distribution zip (from here). It has an OTF/ subfolder with 12 .otf files, and a Web/ subfolder with 49 files - .ttf, .eot, .woff and .woff2 files (same ...
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How to use icon fonts in text editor?

I'm currently playing with Polybar and I'm trying to customize the beautiful themes provided here. To display nice looking icons on the bar, the above mentioned themes use the Material Icons, by ...
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Installing Computer Modern font on Arch Linux

I have tried installing Computer Modern Unicode fonts on Arch-linux using the following AUR repository here, but in vain. The installation goes smoothly and doesn't produce any errors but I still can'...
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How to install Microsoft true type font on Alpine Linux?

I would like to create a Docker image using Alpine Linux and LibreOffice to render PDF documents. The LibreOffice source documents are using Microsofts Times New Roman font. How can I install ...
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Roboto font not working with Openbox GTK3 applications while other fonts do

I am using Debian Stretch with Openbox window manager and I am trying to set the uniform look for GTK2, GTK3, QT4, QT5 widgets. Everything went smoothly except for GTK3 that partially ignores ~/....
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FreeBSD-11 Installing a font results in invisible text in LibreOffice

I installed a freeware .ttf font on my FreeBSD-11.1 workstation where I use Mate as the GDM. The font was installed by copying the .ttf file to /usr/local/share/fonts/TTF and running fc-cache -vf. ...
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I copy my code from .ttf file to putty there is messy code [closed]

My mac editor: My code in the .ttf file: And copy to my putty, there is messy code here:
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Change console font in arch linux to ttf [duplicate]

I have a .ttf font file which I want to use in my arch linux terminal. I followed the instructions for installing fonts on the wiki:
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How to find out which unicode codepoints are defined in a TTF file?

I need to automate a process of verification which Unicode characters have actual glyphs defined for them in a True Type Font file. How do I go around doing that? I can't seem to find information on ...
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Can't install Arial.ttf from Windows / Arial is "Arial Narrow"

I use Arch Linux, and have followed the wiki pages regarding Fonts, Font configuration, Microsoft fonts and Infinality. However, it seems something is wrong with the Microsoft fonts. I copied them ...
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Convert .fnt to .ttf?

In FreeBSD's /usr/share/syscons/fonts one finds the syscons-fonts in .fnt-format. Is there a way to convert them to .ttf format?
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extract bounding box dimensions for TrueType font

On Linux, I can easily extract the height / width / ascent / descent dimensions of Xorg fonts via xlsfonts, e.g. $ xlsfonts -ll -fn 9x15 | egrep 'bounds|max' bounds: width left right ...
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How can I make unicode symbols and truetype fonts work in xterm/uxterm?

I'd like to use a truetype font in xterm/uxterm (version 278) but I get problems with unicode symbols (é for example displays fine, so I guess it's not a disabled utf8 or a locale issue): $ echo -e "\...
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How do I use a font in .ttc format as the console font?

I rather dislike the available tty fonts and would rather use Menlo, which is what I use in OS X's Terminal. Menlo is in a .ttc format, but (from the contents of /usr/share/consolefonts) Linux seems ...
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Problem Installing .ttf with FontConfig, in userdir for user account, running RHEL

I'm trying to install TTF fonts, for a normal user account, on my RHEL5.4 box The steps I followed are : $ cd ~ $ mkdir .fonts $ cd .fonts $ wget -q
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Use or convert .ttf font for console use in FreeBSD

I have a monospace .ttf font I really like (UbuntuBeta Mono). Is there any way I can use it (or convert first and then use, if needed) for the console in freeBSD? I know there is usr/share/syscons/...
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How to view a TTF font file?

Is there an application to simply preview a font from a TTF file without installing it?
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