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What is the "at most" modifier for in 'truncate'?

The manual of truncate shows I can add < for "at most". What is this for? It sounds like the default to me.
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Truncate command not creating a hole

I am trying to create a file with hole using the truncate command. I read up in some posts and one of the answers in this post says to use truncate command. Filesystem used is btrfs. This is the ...
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Problem creating a disk image of an SD card

I have built a custom image of Armbian with a partition size of 3.1 GB, and I am now finished working with it. It is currently written to a bootable 64 GB SD card which is using a GUID partition table ...
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"> $logfile" does not truncate, file size goes to 0 and a second later, is back to full size [duplicate]

I have a script that writes to a logfile like this: $ nohup > myscript.out 2>&1 & when the log file gets very large, I need to truncate it like this: > myscript.out I ...
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Truncate expand doesn't seem to work

I just expanded my 1GB "homefile" which is mounted to /home/user by another GB using truncate -s +1G homefile. While it changed the size of homefile shown with df to 2GB, when mounted it is ...
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Truncate file that is opened in another procces

If I try truncate -s 0 log.log (:>log.log has same behavior) the displayd space on disk do become free but the size (ls -l) of file is still the same (tho du shows less). As far as I understand, it ...
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4 answers

Is there any limit on line length when pasting to a terminal in Linux?

I am trying to send messages from, which is #!/bin/bash if [ "x$KAFKA_HEAP_OPTS" = "x" ]; then export KAFKA_HEAP_OPTS="-Xmx512M" fi exec $(...
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truncate command to to safely remove Celery log files?

I my Ubuntu server that is running Python/Celery has about 9 log files totaling to 9GB space. Is it safe to reduce the size of these files by running the following command? truncate -s 0 *log If not,...
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tee pipeline and pnmtools - truncated file

This sequence of commands works OK: pngtopnm file.png 2> /dev/null > dump1 pnmfile < dump1 stdin: PPM raw, 1920 by 1080 maxval 255 ls -l dump1 -rw-r----- 1 cmb 6220817 Sep 15 14:26 dump1 ...
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truncate linux kernel

firstly sorry for my English. I want to truncate kernel options like Bluetooth, mouse, keyboard etc.. except for my use. but how can I know that kernel options related to devices that I want to remove?...
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tail -n 10 is truncating my entire file [duplicate]

I have these 2 scripts, one is writing to the file: #!/usr/bin/env bash while true; do sleep 1; echo "$(uuidgen)" >> /tmp/cprev.stdout.log done; the other is reading the last 10 lines ...
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What could cause a log file to be trunctated during writing?

In my workplace, I've inherited the responsibility of managing a web server. It's a CentOS Linux virtual machine, running on Amazon AWS EC2. Alongside serving web pages, there is a pile of scheduled ...
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Is it possible to truncate a file (in place, same inode) at the beginning?

It is possible to remove trailing bytes of a file without writting to a new file (> newfile) and moving it back (mv newfile file). That is done with truncate: truncate -s -1 file It is possible ...
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/usr/bin/truncate: Argument list too long

I want to use the truncate command to create a huge number of small files for testing. I tried the command with a small number of files (100) and it worked. When I changed the number to 1000000, it ...
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1 answer

Difference between writing file from /dev/zero and truncate

$ timeout 1 cat /dev/zero > file1 $ wc -c file1 270422016 file1 $ du file1 264084 file1 Questions : (1) How do 270422016 null characters come out to be 264084 bytes (i.e 258M). $ truncate -s ...
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wget not downloading streaming mp3 correctly

I am trying to download a streaming mp3 using wget. this is my basic command: wget -c --timeout=1 --waitretry=0 --tries=0 -O "file.mp3" i have been doing this in a ...
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ffmpeg truncates paths on output when there are dots involved when run on bash

If I have a path with dots in the path, for instance: /home/user/Documents/hello/test.testing_23-24.123/test.testing_23-24.124 ffmpeg can locate the file if you pass the file's path as an argument ...
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How to print multiple columns without truncating?

I know that pr -m -t file1 file2 will give me 2 columns like so: file1: a abc abcdefg abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz file2: 1 123 12345678 12345678901234567890 - $ pr -m -t ...
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How do I remove a directory on a remote system that has a quota?

I have an account that has hit its quota and I'm trying to remove (rm -rf) a directory to clean up space. However all the remove commands I can think of to try (rm, truncate, find -delete, ...
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What size blocks does `truncate --io-blocks` use?

What size blocks does GNU truncate --io-blocks use? -o, --io-blocks treat SIZE as number of IO blocks instead of bytes 512 bytes blockdev --getbsz blockdev --getpbsz
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Most efficient method to empty the contents of a file

I am aware of three methods to delete all entries from a file. They are >filename touch filename1 filename < /dev/null Of these three I abuse >filename the most as that requires the least ...
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