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How to hide parent container in i3?

I'm using pretty much the standard i3 config and sometimes I press the wrong keys and this extra bar shows up at the top: I believe it's the "parent container"? How do I hide the bar again? ...
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Ugly shadow in gnome top bar caused by a theme. How do I hide that?

Hello, I'm using the 'Canta' theme with my gnome DE. I very like the theme, but it has one problem. This ugly shadow is applied on buttons in the top bar, when focused: (The blue thing in the picture)...
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No taskbar or top bar on windows, cannot move resize close or logout

I work remotely on a virtual machine running gnome 3.28.2 on RHEL Server 7.6, the issue occurred when logging in. I have no taskbar, background, or topbars on any windows, meaning I cannot close or ...
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how to un-hide the Menubar in Okular

In Okular, the visibility of toolbars and panels can be toggled via Settings on the Menubar. From this menu, even the Menubar itself can be hidden, which leaves me with no way to restore it. How do I ...
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Are there customizable vertical side bars available in i3?

I currently use Polybar as my main and only tool bar for i3. What I like about it, is that it's highly customizable: the look and feel can be customized at will to have a slick and modern look I can ...
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KDE plasma 5: No taskbar (no rightclick-menu on desktop either) anymore

In short: I have the same problem, as is described here. However the suggested solutions do not work for me. I managed to kill plasmashell via killall plasmashell and could then manually restart it ...
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Fedora 26, buggy toolbar icons in some programs

I'm using Fedora Core 26 and I have problems with some icons in some programs. I'm using an old Nvidia GeForce GTS 8800 and the nouveau drivers. Seems to only affect toolbar icons of GTK programs. The ...
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Is it possible to reduce size of eclipse toolbar?

I am running Eclipse Mars on Fedora 24 (Gnome 3.20). What I want to do is to reduce the size of toolbar. What I felt is the size of toolbar is big because of "Quick Access" text box but I tired to ...
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Lowering the height of gnome application toolbars

I am using this gnome application called oregano in i3 window manager and it looks like all gnome applications do - they all have this large toolbar whose height is way too large. Is there any way ...
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Linux Mint only "File" menu visible on menu toolbar

On applications like gedit and gimp only the "File" menu is visible on the menubar/toolbar. However I can still click on where other menus would normally be (e.g. "Edit", "Help") to access them. I ...
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Linux Mint MATE "notifications area" - much bigger than it needs to be

A week or so ago, triggered by I don't know what (but presumably something I did by accident) the Notification Area of my taskbar has become 3 times the size that it needs to be, taking up valuable ...
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How can I add a toolbar button to KDE titlebars?

I want to add toolbar buttons to KDE titlebars to avoid using the menu for certain tasks. As an example I want to be able to get a screen to stay on top until I disable it. eg. KDE titlebars have a ...
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