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Questions tagged [toml]

Use this tag for question relating to TOML, Tom's Obvious Minimal Language, which is a structured document format most commonly used for configuration files. Documents written in TOML may be processed using TOML parsers. Some parsers are capable of converting TOML to or from other structured document formats such as YAML, JSON, or XML. TOML-aware tools may offer query capabilities for more advanced queries.

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2 answers

Combine multiple lines starting with same phrase into one

I'm writing a Bash script to convert Arch Linux packages into a format for a package manager I'm writing, and I have to convert some metadata files into file format .toml. Previously, I've been using ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Extract text starting at specific category header to next category header from a text file

I have a TOML file in the following format (categories may have any name, the sequential numbering is just an example and not guaranteed): [CATEGORY_1] A=1 B=2 [CATEGORY_2] C=3 D=4 E=5 ... [...
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Podman: cannot load TOML value of type map

I need to fetch this image for podman but there is a problem on registry.conf podman gives error podman run --name myfirstcontainer -it -v /home/jhon:/data:Z manjarolinux/base Error: error loading ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to use a toml lens on a single file on Ubuntu 20.04?

I need to read and modify a single file (pcmanfm.conf) in the current directory. I tried $ augtool -At "Toml.lns incl $(pwd)/pcmanfm.conf" -I lenses/ print /files /files but it does not ...
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