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How to make Tint2 open system tray apps on the current workspace in Openbox?

I'm using Openbox as my window manager on Debian, and I'm facing an issue with system tray icons. When I click on a system tray icon for an application, it doesn't bring the application to the current ...
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How can I re-start tint2 after laptop un-sleep and after internet connection is detected?

I am running arch linux 6.4.2-arch1-1 and openbox wm v3.6.1 with tint2 bar version 17.0.2 and systemd v253.5-2-arch Everything is up to date. On my tint2 bar I display time dependent information ...
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Openbox, limit area for fullscreen windows or hide gtk title bar

I am using Openbox with tint2 panel. I want to run the Midori browser to see only a web page without the gtk title bar of the browser. For example I run midori with this command: $ midori -a https://...
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How can I open the Openbox applications menu from the Tint2 taskbar?

The usual way of accessing the applications menu in Openbox is by right clicking on an empty spot of your Openbox desktop or by binding a key to the ShowMenu-action in the rc.xml file. I would like ...
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Text in title bar or tint2 panel only to show name of program

I’d like to only see the name of the program in the title so that it is also shown like this in the panel. Is it possible to set that globally in Manjaro? I use tint2. Could it alternatively be set ...
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Arch/Tint2/OpenBox Displaying boxes instead of text [closed]

I have a fresh Arch setup with the following installed: xterm openbox tint2 Now after starting tint2, the panel in the lower left-hand corner displays what seems to be a working panel, but with ...
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Disabling the Cinnamon Systray is not possible?

I want to replace the Cinnamon Panel with tint2. Unfortunately, I cant get the tint2 systray running, as the Cinnamon process is already using it. I removed all panels, but Cinnamon is still ...
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PulseAudio - Return Suspension State of Sink as Boolean in Bash

I am using openbox/tint2 executors in combination with pactl to make an alterntive volume monitor and was wondering if pactl had a way of declaring whether or not mute was activated so I could have ...
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How do I replace the spectrwm bar with tint2, while maintaining dmenu?

I am running the spectrwm window manager on a WattOS Microwatt R10 (Ubuntu 16.04 based) install. I would like to do the following: Replace the spectrwm bar with tint2. Need tint2 to appear on all of ...
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Volume icon for PulseAudio on Tint2 -- nothing works!

I'm using Debian 8 with Openbox which comes with PulseAudio by default. And I cannot find a volume icon which works properly. I try Volti (the volume becomes very low and sometimes doesn't work), ...
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How do I exit tint2 panel?

I am trying out various panels. I have installed tint2 alongside my existing panel and now I have two. How do I exit tint2?
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For `tint2`, how do you configure the taskbar to always display what workspace you are on?

I have a Centos-6 machine with multiple openbox desktops configured (8 or 16). I have things running on each desktop. I wish to have tint2 display always what workspace I am on. I tried changing the ...
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