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A GTK+ based drop down terminal.

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Mouse events not working in Vim on Debian?

If I click on a line, I can see "19m" or "18m" etc. show up in the bottom right of the screen. If I scroll, nothing happens, but shift+click&drag works. set encoding=utf8 ...
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super+space alternates modifier key and typing a space

In Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon I have a program called "tilda" which is a drop-down terminal with a keyboard shortcut to show/hide it. If I set this shortcut to Super+Space, it only works every other time. ...
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How do I auto start X application in wayland?

I just installed Arch with gnome and wayland. Never used wayland before and I noticed it poses a few problems when I try to run tilda terminal. I can run tilda using this command: GDK_BACKEND=x11 ...
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Can I prevent tilda from hiding?

I have installed tilda-0.9.6 on my Gentoo laptop and I'd like it to stay for good, not to hide. I've been forced to link it to a keyboard shortcut otherwise it wouldn't start (or would segfault). The ...
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Tilda complains of bogus screen size at startup? [duplicate]

On Ubuntu 14.04, MATE desktop. I have just installed Tilda terminal, and so I added it to Startup Applications, just as /usr/bin/tilda. Rebooted, saw Tilda startup, and then noticed this: "Your ...
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Edit tilda config files while running tilda

I like adapting the style of my terminal depending on what I am doing inside. Using tilda, I am therefore looking for a way to dynamically change the cursor shape, say, with a command line. I know ...
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How to emphasize active tab in Tilda?

I'm using Tilda. It's hard to say which tab is currently active by a glance. Is there way to make it clear which tab is active. For example ,can I emphasize tab by changing it's background color?
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Terminator interface inside tilda emulator?

Does anyone knows how to use Terminator inside Tilda? I use Tilda emulator a lot but sometimes I need to have different terminal windows open to check things out and I don't want to open Terminator ...
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Backspace, del, arrow keys not working with interactive programs in Tilda

I currently run Openbox on a light netinstall of Debian. In Tilda, when I use a program like nslookup or winexe, some of my keys do not work properly. Backspace generates ^? Up generates ^[[A Left ...
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