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Tabs in a GUI window. Use the whitespace, text-formatting, or CSV tags if your question involves the tabulation (tab) character.

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Confusing tab UI in Nautilus/Files Manager

The currently displayed window forms a single and continuous visual/color space with inactive tabs. Like in the example above, the user sees the content/folders of the sys directory, whereas the UI ...
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What's overriding my .vimrc tabstop size setting for CMake files?

In my ~/.vim/vimrc, I have: set shiftwidth=4 set tabstop=4 and when I edit a plain text file, that is respected. However, when I edit a CMake file - these both becomes 8. I tried looking for the ...
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how to open multiple tabs, from the command line, in gnome-terminal v3.44.0 (ubuntu 22.04), while running one custom command on each tab?

how to open multiple tabs, from the command line, in gnome-terminal v3.44.0 (ubuntu 22.04), while running one custom command on each tab? every other question/answer I found have answers about using -...
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Vim: Is it possible to open multiple files and jump to specific lines?

Regularly, one may open one file "foobar" and jump directly to line M as such: vim +M foobar Now, I have a whole list of files "foobar1", "foobar2", ..., "foobarN&...
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How to send Alt+1 to CLI when multiple tabs are open in gnome-terminal?

Both ranger and the gnome-terminal use Alt + 1, Alt + 2 etc to switch to the corresponding tab. So if a gnome-terminal window only has one tab and ranger is open, then pressing Alt + 2 will go the ...
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How to query current tab name of tabbed GUI terminals (any)

Using tmux, I have implemented a work flow in which I set a virtual home-directory for each "window" I create in tmux. I can query the name of the current window with tmux display-message -p ...
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Bad columns formatting by the tr command [duplicate]

I have a file like this AAA:111111:FIRSTLINE BBBBBBB:22222222222:SECONDLINE CCC:33333333333333333333:THIRD LINE And I wanted to change each ":" by a tab. For that, I used the tr command tr &...
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How to track all shortcut keys pressed and the process they interact with?

For a while now and for some reason I find myself in the unpleasant situation of Ctrl-w not working anymore in any program, which means I need the mouse any time I want to close a tab. I tried ...
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Value is required after -x (--tabs)

I try to use "man command" but terminal gives me this output "Value is required after -x (--tabs)". What is this?
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delete specific rows from a tab separted file [closed]

I have a tab separated file, which has 6 columns, but some rows are not so: There are many such lines in my file like the 7th. When I write awk '{print $1"\t"$2"\t"$3"\t"...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to know current tab width of terminal?

I know tabs command can be used to set the tab width of the terminal, but how can I know current tab width of the terminal (assuming the tabs are equidistant)? I can't find related information in tabs ...
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2 answers

gnome-terminal doesn't open tabs properly from my script

i have a script to launch gnome terminal with multiple tabs. The tabs are opened based on a list of directories listed in .tabs file that are in the same dir as the script. I create a string with ...
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Colored bash prompt and tab title

I cannot seem to get both a colored terminal prompt and the tab title to change at the same time. function tab_title() { local tab_replace="${USER}@${HOSTNAME}" local tab_orig="$PS1" ...
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How do I open the current directory in a new tab?

My environment 2.9.4 on macOS zsh 5.7.1 When I used bash, Terminal could open current directory in a new tab, but it have not been able to do that since I changed to zsh. In the app ...
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3 answers

Is there a window manager that allows tabs of multiple different programs in one window? (Like Windows 10 Sets)?

I installed the Windows 10 preview releases awhile back because I wanted to try the Sets feature that was being worked on. Sadly, this was removed from the beta releases, and has not returned. Is ...
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How to print strings separated by TAB in bash?

I am trying to print two string separated by a TAB. I have tried: echo -e 'foo\tbar' printf '%s\t%s\n' foo bar Both of them print: foo bar Where the whitespace between the two is actually 5 ...
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Stack tabs when using Geany

Is there a way on Geany text editor (Linux) to stack tabs, such that there are multiple rows of tabs? Issue: Sometimes I have open 30 or so files in Geany. But Geany only shows about 10 on average (...
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How to make 'emacs' indent with tabs exactly how 'nano' does...?

How can I configure ~/.emacs so that I indent how nano does by default? Uses a tab character instead of 5 spaces I can add as many tabs to a line as I please
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Chromium - Share Browser Tabs?

Is there a way that I could share the browser tabs from one computer onto another? Ideally, I'd like to close my browser on my desktop, use my laptop and they'd be there. I then like to close Chromium ...
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Open Konsole sessions (tabs) in two distict windows

I have a script that opens Konsole sessions for me to work with, it looks like: konsole --profile $1 --new-tab -p tabtitle="k1" -e ./ cc1 konsole --profile $1 --new-tab -p tabtitle="k2" ...
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Remote tab title in Konsole

I login to remote hosts with small one-line scripts, such as: r1: ssh -C user1@host1 r2: ssh -C user2@host2 etc. But when I login with these commands, the Konsole tab title is not changed to (user)...
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2 answers

Open files in new tab for nano

In my folder I have a bunch of .cpp files. I use nano for editing my files. Is there a way for me to be able to write a single command and open all the .cpp files in different tabs? If I do nano *....
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Make new tabs appear from left to right, to the right of the parent, in Chrome

I'd like to make Chrome a bit smarter, or at least a bit more convenient, regarding the position of new tabs. For a long time, the behavior of Chrome was ok, if not always ideal. When opening a page ...
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Using options with :tabe in vim

I have a file open in Vim. I'd like to open another file in a tab, using the :tabe command. However, I'd also like to open this file with the -M option, in order to avoid modification and writing of ...
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set tab color in a tabbed terminal emulator

I would like to set in my terminal emulator (i.e. gnome-terminal) the color of the tabs like in the osx's terminal emulator. Is there this feature in any of the linux terminal emulator plethora? EDIT:...
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Shells in tabbed windows in a terminal

I want to do tabbed terminal stuff without having actual tab windows in my terminal application. Is there any good way to do this within bash? It would come in very handy with SSH if I could avoid ...
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Switch between windows & tabs in Linux? [closed]

do we have keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs or windows, am looking for shortcuts similar to of those available in windows (ctrl + tab to switch btw tabs & Alt + tab to swtich btw windows)...
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38 votes
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Switch between tabs in gnome-terminal with keyboard?

Once I've created a new tab in gnome-terminal with Ctrl+Shift+t, how can I switch back and forth between the tabs using the keyboard? For example, in Google Chrome the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Tab (...
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