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What is the difference between Red Hat SysV and Unix System V?

Prior to RHEL 7, their distributions were built on SysV, a manager that looks much like the legacy System V (init.d, rc, runlevels...). They changed it to systemd from RHEL 7. But what is the real ...
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After upgrading to Debian12 and upgrading packages apt shows: The following packages have been kept back: sysv-rc-conf

After upgrading Debian11/KDE to Debian12, restarting and running sudo apt-get upgrade I get this: The following packages have been kept back: sysv-rc-conf. I can't install it because then it asks to ...
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Stop not called for init rc.d service

I have a very simple SysVinit service in /etc/rc.d: #!/bin/bash PIDFILE="/var/run/" status() { if [ -f "$PIDFILE" ]; then echo 'Service running' return 1 fi ...
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Equivalent of /dev/mqueue to enumerate SysV message queues

Linux supports two kinds of message queues: POSIX (i.e., those created by mq_open), and System V (i.e., those created by msgget). For POSIX message queues, mq_overview(7) documents that you can ...
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Why “systemctl stop service”, instead of “systemctl service stop”?

Back in the days of “service servicename stop” you could then press up arrow to get last command, and your cursor is right on the “stop”, so you could press backspace 4 times and type “start”... now I ...
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What was runlevel 4 used for with SysV init?

I'm reading about SysV init and I see there are levels 0-6. I understand that level 4 could be defined by the OS operator for special purposes, but I'm having trouble thinking of any examples. Has ...
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Why when I run `$ ipcs` are all shared memory segment keys "0x00000000"?

So when I run $ ipcs, the shared memory segment section returns a variety of results: ------ Shared Memory Segments -------- key shmid owner perms bytes nattch status ...
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How to determine boot time in SysV?

In systemd-based distros there is a tool run via systemd-analyze which allows the user to determine boot time [kernel and userspace, the time it took for the system to boot up]. Is there a similar ...
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Create dependency in SysV file to a systemd service

I am running Ubuntu 16.04.3. I have configured that a docker container sends email using the host's smtp (postfix). In order for this to work, I have to add the docker network to postfix's ...
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Init running in Debian 9.1

I have the /usr/lib/systemd and /etc/systemd directories, and systemd is running. But I also have the /etc/init/ directory, with several .conf configuration files, I thought this was a sign of ...
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What is the default path that systemd uses to locate System V scripts?

Is /etc/init.d the default search path that the systemd generator uses to convert native SysV script to unit files, and falls back to /etc/rc?.d or vice versa? From this answer by @JdeBP: This ...
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