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Questions tagged [sudosh]

sudosh is a special program that logs and replays shell sessions. Despite its name, the use of sudo is not implied, therefore use the sudo tag explicitly if your question involves sudo.

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1 answer

How can I allow a single member of group as sudoer

I am looking for a solution to a use case where a group is granted sudoer privileges. However, only one specific user or member within that group should have sudoer permission privileges, while the ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Run several ssh in a row (one within another)

I would like to do the following in a one-liner (so I can alias it in my .bashrc) 0. before doing anything I am user1 on server0 1. ssh to server1 2. impersonate user2 (**THIS HAS TO BE DONE BY `...
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2 answers

How to enable using commands on remote host using ssh without password?

i set up to use ssh between two hosts without password. ssh log in is working fine but execute commands failed with the below erro: **isn't allowed to be executed with process or redirect controls.**...
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