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SSH (Secure SHell) is a protocol for securely running commands on a remote computer. Use this tag for questions about configuring, using and trouble-shooting SSH client and server software.

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How to copy files from one machine to another using ssh

I am using a Linux (CentOS) machine, and I have already connected to another system using SSH. Now, my question is: How can I copy files from one system to another system? Suppose, in my environment, ...
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Why am I still getting a password prompt with ssh with public key authentication?

I'm working from the URL I found here: My ssh client is Ubuntu 64 bit 11....
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How to force ssh client to use only password auth?

If I use pubkey auth from e.g.: an Ubuntu 11.04 how can I set the ssh client to use only password auth to a server? (just needed because of testing passwords on a server, where I default log in with ...
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Scroll inside Screen, or Pause Output

I use screen for my command-line tasks while managing the servers where I work. I usually run small commands (mostly file-system tasks) but sometimes I run more extensive tasks (like DBA). The output ...
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How to forward X over SSH to run graphics applications remotely?

I have a machine running Ubuntu which I SSH to from my Fedora 14 machine. I want to forward X from the Ubuntu machine back to Fedora so I can run graphical programs remotely. Both machines are on a ...
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How does reverse SSH tunneling work?

As I understand this, firewalls (assuming default settings) deny all incoming traffic that has no prior corresponding outgoing traffic. Based on Reversing an ssh connection and SSH Tunneling Made ...
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How to list keys added to ssh-agent with ssh-add?

How and where can I check what keys have been added with ssh-add to my ssh-agent?
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Specify identity file (id_rsa) with rsync

I need to make periodic backups of a directory on a remote server which is a virtual machine hosted by a research organisation. They mandate that access to VMs is through ssh keys, which is all good, ...
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How can I run ssh-add automatically, without a password prompt?

I want to communicate between several computers on my network (static Ethernet), through SSH. In order to do that I need to run ssh-add every time I log in on a specific machine. What can I do so it's ...
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Copy a file back to local system with ssh

If I'm logged in to a system via SSH, is there a way to copy a file back to my local system without firing up another terminal or screen session and doing scp or something similar or without doing SSH ...
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Multiple similar entries in ssh config

Say I want to configure my ssh options for 30 servers with the same setup in my .ssh config file: host XXX HostName User my_username Compression yes Ciphers arcfour,...
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What's ssh port forwarding and what's the difference between ssh local and remote port forwarding [duplicate]

I feel confused about ssh port forwarding and the difference between ssh local and remote port forwarding. Could you please explain them in detail and with examples? Thanks!
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11 answers

Keep processes running after SSH session disconnects

I sometimes have long-running processes that I want to kick off before going home, so I create a SSH session to the server to start the process, but then I want to close my laptop and go home. Later, ...
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How to avoid being asked passphrase each time I push to Bitbucket

I set up my ssh stuff with the help of this guide, and it used to work well (I could run hg push without being asked for a passphrase). What could have happened between then and now, considering that ...
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What do options `ServerAliveInterval` and `ClientAliveInterval` in sshd_config do exactly?

I found this question, but I'm sorry I don't quite understand the settings on the two variables ServerAliveInterval and ClientAliveInterval mentioned in the accepted response. If my local server is ...
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SSH tunneling error: "channel 1: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed"

When I open this ssh tunnel: ssh -nXNT -p 22 localhost -L I get this error when trying to access the HTTP server running on localhost:8984: channel 1: open failed: ...
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How to enable diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 key exchange on Debian 8.0?

I am unable to ssh to a server that asks for a diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 key exchange method: ssh Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching key exchange method ...'s user avatar
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List all connected SSH sessions?

I just SSH'd into root, and then SSH'd again into root on the same machine. So I have two windows open both SSH'd into root on my remote machine. From the shell, how can I see a list of these two ...
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scp without replacing existing files in the destination

How do I copy an entire directory into a directory of the same name without replacing the content in the destination directory? (instead, I would like to add to the contents of the destination folder)
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Why do I need a tty to run sudo if I can sudo without a password?

I have configured sudo to run without a password, but when I try to ssh 'sudo Foo', I still get the error message sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo. Why does this happen and how can I work ...
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ssh-add complains: Could not open a connection to your authentication agent

I've been trying to get ssh-add working on a RaspberryPi running Raspbian. I can start ssh-agent, when I do it gives the following output into the terminal: SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/tmp/ssh-06TcpPflMg58/...
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ssh-add is not persistent between reboots

I added a ssh key to the agent by: $ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa_mac Identity added: /Users/alex/.ssh/id_rsa_mac (/Users/alex/.ssh/id_rsa_mac) After a reboot the agent doesn't have this key added anymore: ...
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Automated ssh-keygen without passphrase, how?

I would like to make an automated script that calls ssh-keygen and creates some pub/private keypairs that I will use later on. In principle everything works fine with.... ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa -f ...
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Is it possible to find out the hosts in the known_hosts file?

I would like to see what hosts are in my known_hosts file but it doesn't appear to be human readable. Is it possible to read it? More specifically there is a host that I can connect to via several ...
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Is your SSH password revealed when you attempt to connect to the wrong server?

When you accidentally attempt to connect to the wrong server with password credentials is it possible for the administrator to read and log the password you used?
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How can I disown a running process and associate it to a new screen shell?

I have a running program on a SSH shell. I want to pause it and be able to unpause its execution when I come back. One way I thought of doing that was to transfer its ownership to a screen shell, ...
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What does the Broken pipe message mean in an SSH session?

Sometimes my SSH session disconnects with a Write failed: Broken pipe message. What does it mean? And how can I keep my session open? I know about screen, but that's not the answer I'm looking for. I ...
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Get SSH server key fingerprint

Is there a way to programmatically obtain a SSH server key fingerprint without authenticating to it? I'm trying ssh -v user@host false 2>&1 | grep "Server host key", but this hangs waiting for ...
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How do I remotely edit files via ssh?

I have to edit some files placed on some server I could reach via ssh. I would prefer to edit these files in customized vim on my workstation (I have not rights to change vim settings on remote ...
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SSH Key Permissions chmod settings?

I need to use SSH on my machine to access my website and its databases (setting up a symbolic link- but I digress). Following problem I enter the command: ssh-keygen -t dsa To generate public/private ...
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Why eval the output of ssh-agent?

In order to run ssh-agent I have to use: eval $(ssh-agent) Why is it necessary to eval the output of ssh-agent? Why can't I just run it?
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How to rsync over ssh when directory names have spaces

I am trying to rsync from one server to another. The servers have the same directory structure but I am having trouble getting the remotes server to properly recognize the path name on the remote ...
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How to ssh to remote server using a private key?

I have two servers. Both servers are in CentOS 5.6. I want to SSH from Server 1 to Server 2 using a private key I have (OpenSSH SSH-2 Private Key). I don't know how to do it over unix. But what I did ...
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How can I keep my SSH sessions from freezing?

I have ServerAliveInterval and in case of few machines also ClientAliveInterval set to 540 in SSH client/server configuration files (I suppose setting it to more than that would not be a good idea). I ...
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How can I tell what version of Linux I'm using?

Often times I will ssh into a new client's box to make changes to their website configuration without knowing much about the server configuration. I have seen a few ways to get information about the ...
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What is the right file permission for a .pem file to SSH and SCP

I have tried to SSH into my AWS Ubuntu server and copy the directory to my local machine. Throughout the process I experience different file permission errors (noted below). Is there one specific ...
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Kill an unresponsive ssh session without closing the terminal

Is there a way to disconnect from an SSH session that has become unresponsive without killing the whole terminal? Specifically I'm using konsole, and the machine I'm working with sometimes hangs, but ...
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what's the purpose of ssh-agent?

I've read the official definition: ssh-agent is a program to hold private keys used for public key authentication (RSA, DSA, ECDSA). The idea is that ssh-agent is started in the beginning of an X-...
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SSH: tunnel without shell on ssh server

I have to set up a tunnel between two hosts. For this I use ssh in this way: ssh -L MY_LOCAL_PORT:FOREIGN_ADDRESS:FOREIGN_PORT MYUSER@SSH_SERVER after that, I log in to my SSH_SERVER. How can I ...
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SSH login with clear text password as a parameter? [duplicate]

I need to login to a user that I've created on a remote host running Ubuntu. I can't use an ssh key because the ssh login will happen from a bash script ran within a server that I won't have access to ...
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How to dd a remote disk using SSH on local machine and save to a local disk

How can I create a backup of a remote disk using SSH on my local machine and save it to a local disk? I've tried the following: ssh [email protected] "sudo dd if=/dev/sdX " | \ dd of=/home/...
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ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer

I am on OS X trying to ssh into a ubuntu 12.04 server. I was able to SSH in -- until abruptly stuff stopped working. I've read online to use the -v to debug this. Output is shown below. If I ssh into ...
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Uploading directories with sftp?

I'm having some trouble uploading directories(which contain other directories a few levels deep) by sftp. I realize I could work around this by gzipping, but I don't see why that's necessary. Anyway, ...
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How to kill SSH session that was started with the -f option (run in background)

I'm pretty lost on this. From the man page: -f Requests ssh to go to background just before command execution. After starting SSH with the -f option, I have a working tunnel. But after I ...
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ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host (not using hosts.deny)

I'm not using hosts.allow or hosts.deny, furthermore SSH works from my windows-machine (same laptop, different hard drive) but not my Linux machine. ssh -vvv root@host -p port gives: OpenSSH_6.6, ...
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Is it possible to run ssh-copy-id on port other than 22?

I have a server with SSH running on a non-standard port. Instead of 22, it runs on 8129. To log in, I use: ssh -p 8129 hostname Now, whenever I need to set up a key for password-less login, I have ...
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how to avoid ssh asking permission?

We are attempting to speed up the installation of oracle nodes for RAC installation. this requires that we get ssh installed and configured so that it doesn't prompt for a password. The problem is: ...
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Is there a command to list all open displays on a machine?

When SSH'd locally into my computer (don't ask, it's a workaround), I can't start graphical applications without running: export DISPLAY=:0.0 If I run this first and then run a graphical application,...
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How does tcp-keepalive work in ssh?

I am trying to code a shell-script that uses a ssh-connection for doing "heartbeats". I want to terminate the client- and server-side of that connection after a certain timeout (after the connection ...
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ssh-add returns with: "Error connecting to agent: No such file or directory"

ssh-add alone is not working: Error connecting to agent: No such file or directory How should I use that tool?
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