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Can a bash script add to the context of zsh?

I have recently migrated from bash to zsh. I used to use the following script to ssh-add my private key to the session: #!/usr/bin/env bash echo "configuring ssh access.." ...
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/bin/ksh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory [duplicate]

I have script with #!/bin/ksh in the first line. When I try to execute this script (run ./ the error occurred: -bash: ./ /bin/ksh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory ...
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Why does the command 'source' have that name?

I wonder why a command that executes commands from a file in the current shell is named source. I can't see a relation between run commands in the current shell and the meaning of the english word ...
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How can I skip the rest of a script without exiting the invoking shell, when sourcing the script?

I have a bash script, where I call exit somewhere to skip the rest of the script when getopts doesn't recognize an option or doesn't find an expected option argument. while getopts ":t:" opt; do ...
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Parameters passed to a sourced script are wrong

A script on AIX which checks the number of parameters passed and complains if they are not correct:- if [ "$#" -ge 1 ]; then ... else echo 'Usage: myscript <a> [b] [c]' fi The script sets ...
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How to decrypt the file on the fly without process substitution?

I need to source the file by decrypting it on the fly using the below command. . <(gpg -qd "$encrypted_filename") sh is not supporting process substitution. I can't use bash. Please suggest some ...
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